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Digital Marketing Content Writing Event

Rules for Writing Article

  1. The article should be at least 1000+ words and related to Digital Marketing The topic will be assigned to you after registration. ( You can also suggest the topic to us)
  2. The article should have one featured image. It is advisable to use pie charts/ diagrams to better display your content.
  3. The article should be plagiarism-free (not copied from anywhere). The best way is to research the topic, jot the points and write your own content. It is better to use more numerical figures in the content. Any type of plagiarism and content spinning is not allowed. This will make you directly ineligible for the scholarship.
  4. Article’s Heading structure should be proper. It should follow a proper hierarchy. H1 heading should define the overall topic. Similarly, the H2 heading should be the legs of the main headings and so on.
  5. The article should have 3 main parts (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion). It is not necessary to use these 3 words in the article but the gist should be the same.
  6. Include 2 authority links in your article and 1 link to You should use anchor text and link to the relevant article. It should not be like you link anything to any website. Try to organize your content in such a way that above 3 links looks natural and useful when clicked.

Publishing Article

You need to publish your article on any website (,, your college website, .edu domains, .org domains, or any other websites). After publishing you should send the live link to the team on

Result Calculation

Result Calculation would be done on the following basis.

  1. Proper Use of Headings – 10 points
  2. Use of Graphics (3 or more ) – 10 points
  3. 3 Links usage as described above – 15 points
  4. Overall Content – 55 Points
  5. Published on College Website or .org Domain – 10 points

Prize Distribution

  1. First Winner – Rs 10000
  2. Second Winner – Rs 5000
  3. Third Winner – Rs 2000

Other eligible candidates will receive a gift voucher or cash payment of Rs 100.

Important Dates

Last Date of Registration and Topic Submission – 30/5/2021

Article Live Link Submission Date – 10/5/2021

Result Announcement – 17/5/2021

You can send your registration details to  with Name, Topic, Whatsapp No, Email Id

Candidates Writing Duplicate Content or using Content Spinner software will be considered directly ineligible for the event.