How much is SEO per Month?

SEO Packages depend on the companies and the service providers that you choose. Our SEO Plans start from 150-300$ / month for small-sized projects, while for medium-ranged projects, it ranges from 300-700$ Monthly, and higher-end projects cost more than 1500$ per month. One common factor behind the pricing of an SEO project is the competition of the keywords. The stronger the keyword-based on search volume and competition, the higher will be the service charge. The SEO packages vary based on the type of Website to targets, like packages eCommerce, Local SEO packages, National SEO Packages, and International SEO Packages. Our e-commerce plans start from 500$/Month.

Our Customized Plans – If you have a website with more than 200 keywords, you would be interested in our Customized plan. Please drop a mail, and we will get back to you. We also have programs for SEO consultation. We are the best SEO India offering to rank higher your small business website or an extensive SEO eCommerce website.