What is the process of SEO?

Organic SEO Services consists of three main parts

On-Page SEO

  1. Competitor Analysis: We do a Competitive, thorough analysis, including Backlinks analysis, keyword analysis, content analysis, and explore the possibilities of improving our Website. We find the most potential competitive sites, check their performance with the advanced tools, make the list of keywords they are ranked on, and track them weekly or daily.
  2. Keyword Research – Keyword research includes finding the perfect keywords that can help grow business, drive engagement, and help to appear your Website on the 1st page.
  3. Optimization of Website Content, Design, and UI –Optimized content and Website Designing are the most crucial part of any SEO Project. Although web designing or web development is not a direct part of SEO, it can be considered the perfect shoulder niche for rankings. The Website should be responsive to Mobile. The core web vitals declared by Google this year has given greater importance to these factors. This step also includes hyperlink optimization, tags optimization also.
  4. Technical SEO
  5. Removal of Google Penalty– If Google Penalty penalizes you, don’t worry. We have the latest Google Penalty Recovery tools and expertise to get rid of that. Whether we are doing eCommerce SEO or SEO for a custom website, we try to select and address Google Penalty issue first, increasing the chances of making your Website full capable of running in the race of SEO.
  6. Meta Tags, Header Tags, Title Optimization – Next step include Meta Tags Optimization. It looks simple but is very important, and we hire dedicated SEO experts for the same. Extra care and in-depth details knowledge are required while creating successful Meta tags and Title Tags. Since Meta Description is the first impression of your profile, it is worth giving them time.
  7. Canonicalization
  8. Robots.txt and Sitemap creation and Updation.
  9. SEO Friendly URLs Rewriting – Search Engine Friendly URLs are necessary to let users and Search Engines understand your pages easily. The best practice is to create a URL in such a way that it describes the whole page.
  10. Internal Link Building
  11. Image and Video Optimization

Off-Page SEO

  1. Strategy Development – What has worked earlier may not work today. So there is a need to develop a strong strategy for the same. The strategy developer has to work on the terms of Google. The robust solution can only be derived by deeply understanding the requirements of clients. Optimizing websites while considering marketing SEO budget and providing excellent search engine rankings comes under Strategy development.
  2. Link Building Services – Study shows, and even the top SEO recommends that just creating backlinks does not solve the purpose. The links should be quality rather than quantity. Trust flow should be more than citation flow.
  3. Content Development and Marketing – Web content or SEO Content and backlinks are the only two things that acquire most SEO rankings. Developing and Marketing content are some of the steps involved in this step.
  4. Online Reputation Management – We ensure that your brand reputation is maintained and keep a close eye on review posting.
  5. Business Listing
  6. Social Media Optimization – We have the required skills for marketing Social Media. We hire the best manager to get you top rankings in SERPs.
  7. Blog Commenting – Blogs commenting enhances your Domain Authority and therefore are an essential step in SEO and can increase opportunities to boost your rankings on search engine results.
  8. Guest Blog Writing
  9. Content Creation and Article Posting
  10. Press Release – We are the only SEO Agency India that publishes single PR on a bi-monthly or trimonthly basis. The benefits of the Press release is to enhance and promote the brand reputation and to spread the news about your brand.
  11. Blogger Outreach

Report Generation

We are passionate about delivering you the best SEO service. We set goals in top search engines like Google and Bing, track the future progress and impact of strategies implemented and provide you with Monthly Reports.

  1. Google Analytics Reports
  2. Google Search Console Reports
  3. Baseline Ranking Check Reports
  4. Detailed Backlinks Reports