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    Gautam Sharma - SEO Expert in India

    Are you looking to hire Google SEO Expert India to increase Your Business Revenue?


    Are you worried about your online presence and want a Permanent SEO Solution for your business?


    In this Digital World, every business needs a Website and every Website needs to be ranked on the #1 Page to obtain Conversions and sales. Gautam Sharma is the best SEO Expert in India who can help to bring you 20x more traffic and sales. With the best-personalized proven SEO Strategies by our top Search Engine Optimization Expert in India, you need not spend a single penny on Paid Ads or other Social Media


    Allow yourself to work with foremost trusted SEO Specialist in India, and get guaranteed SEO Success and increased ROI.


    Relax and Sit ! Your Brand is Safe With Us.

    Why we are the best SEO Expert India?

    1. Being a reputable freelance SEO Expert India we have gained experience of more than 8+ years in the SEO Marketing niche and also we follow the best Link Building Strategies
    2. We are the top Freelance SEO Expert who have completed more than 1800 projects with a client retention ratio of more than 98%.
    3. Our SEO Specialist in India are dedicated to serve your business 24/7 and have a deep knowledge of Technical SEO.
    4. Our SEO Consultant in India have a deep sense of the Google Algorithm and its updates.
    5. We although do not guarantee rankings but our results analysis show that almost all our projects are enjoying the online web rankings of under 10 and local Google Maps search results of under 3.
    6. We are listed among Top 10 SEO Expert in India. We also serve other locations and are trusted SEO Expert in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune. Other than this we also provide SEO Services in USA and Canada.
    7. Our Search Engine Marketing Expert in India are the most affordable and our SEO packages fall within your pocket. So anyone can afford it. We design the Online SEO strategy according to your affordability that can deliver the result. We are pro in all the proven 200 Rankings Factors
    8. We are the only Google Search Engine Optimization Expert in India that refunds the amount if we are unable to give you what we have promised.
    Increase in Monthly Visitors
    Decrease In Bounce Rate

      SEO Services by Leading India SEO Expert and Consultant


      Keyword Research Services

      Keyword Research Analysis Plays an Important Role in SERPs Ranking. Our top SEO Expert are dedicated in doing the best Keyword Research.


      Critical Website Analysis

      Our india seo expert deeply analyze the Website and debug its Technical Errors and finds the scope of improvement.


      Competitor Analysis

      Deep Competitor Analysis suggests the Scope of Work. Our SEO Experts do a Deep Competitor analysis before starting any project.


      Content Optimization Services

      Until and Unless your content doesn’t Satisfy the Search Intent of Users, the webpage cannot rank. Our Content Optimization Professionals Optimize the Content that satisfies the Search Intent of User


      On-Page SEO Services

      On-Page is the fundamental of any SEO Services Project. We as an SEO Expert India have the primary task to align page according to Google guidelines . Our SEO Expert are pro in On-Page SEO


      Off-Page SEO Services (Quality Backlink Development)

      Content and Backlinks are the two major pillars that play a big role in high SERP Ranking. Our good SEO Specialist manually selects the Links that can rank your Webpage higher.

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        Why our Search Engine Optimization Services Unique?

        1. Quality Link Building –Our SEOs work on quality Backlink Building rather than quantity. This is our key to success. We manually outreach influencers to provide us the best links that can increase our Page Rank. As it is confirmed by Google’s John Mueller that one Backlink from the quality site is better than thousand backlinks from a non-quality one
        2. Best SEO Analysis – We are the Organic SEO Expert in India and do a deep web page analysis before making the SEO Strategy.
        3. Power of On-Page SEO – Many Internet Marketing Companies just focus on Backlink building but our freelance SEO Expert in India know the power of On-Page SEO and its effects on SERP Results. We work upon all minute factors of On-Page SEO.
        4. Technical SEO Optimization– We follow the modern proven digital techniques and are proven SEO Services in India that can handle even the complex technical issues of your site
        5. Content Optimization Services– Content is King in SEO. We have hired best Content Writers from all over the Globe. Our Online Content Strategy works in 4 Cycles – Research, Creation, SEO Optimization, and Marketing

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        Our Organic SEO Services in India are fully committed to the development of your business. Our prime focus remains to keep you on the top of SERPs.
        Why Choose us as your SEO Expert

        Seamless Experience of top Organic SEO Services in India

        Boost Web Ranking for your Business Website. Unleash the Power of Online Marketing with our Organic SEO Services.

        24/7 Customer Support

        We are available 24*7*365. You can ping us anytime and our team is available to serve you with all your SEO Campaign Queries.

        Higher ROI (Return On Investment)

        With our top SEO Services focused on improving the Page Rank for your website, you get ROI as high as 272%.

        Higher Profit, Sales and Conversion Rate

        With our proven SEO Strategies you get higher Sales, Leads, and Conversion Rates, thus increasing your ROI. We help you in boosting your Online Marketing and overall decreasing your cost.
        Seo services by gautam Sharma

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        What does SEO Stand for?

        SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website for Search Engine so that it can be ranked on top of Search Engine results for you desired keywords.

        Which is better, SEO or PPC?

        Unlike paid traffic, SEO brings in organic traffic for your company website, which you don’t have to pay. The main difference here is that organic visibility is something that you build over time as you make your brand’s reputation in top Search Engines.


        While paid search is the way to advertise online and can help you acquire leads, it’s usually not preferable for startups who don’t have a high marketing budget. If your business demands quick revenue for a specific reason, paid ads are excellent. While, if you are looking for some long-term solution then hire an SEO Expert for you.

        Why Should I Hire an Search Engine Optimization Expert in India ?

        It is a good idea to hire an SEO Expert or Consultant because of the following reasons. 


        • No Spending on Other Paid Strategies:With the help of proven SEO Expert, you don’t have to spend on Paid Ads or other online Marketing Strategies. A Paid Ads Strategy consumes 26 times more budget than SEO.  


        • SEO results are long term:- SEO results are long term. Once you obtain the high web ranking on keywords, your website becomes a SALES MACHINE for which you don’t have to pay a single penny. 


        • Low Customer Acquisition Cost:- Hire an SEO Expert can help your business decrease CAC by more than 80%. So as a businessman, this is a crucial point to consider. 


        • Increase Trust of your Brand:- People trust Google, and if you are #1 Page, you get the benefit of that trust. You get brand recognition without spending anything. 


        • Increase ROI, Sales, and Leads:- As we know, SEO increases ROI by 272%, so it is a good idea to invest in SEO. 


        • Higher Visibility:- People search on Search Engine for everything, so your business get a higher visibility, which no other Marketing Strategy can give you. In other words, Google has the highest footprints. With our Local SEO, you start getting visible in Google Maps Pack. 

        Why select SEO Expert Gautam Sharma for my next SEO Campaign?

        The following points make Gautam the best SEO Expert in India and the choice for your next SEO campaign.


        1. Affordable SEO Services:- We provide the most competitive price without compromising with quality. We are the most affordable organic SEO services in India.
        2. 8+ Years Experience:- We are in the Digital SEO Marketing Services in India for the last eight years, so we understand online behaviour of your user.
        3. Highly Specialist Team:- We have a highly skilled team to optimize your web page and for Content Writing, Creative Designing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Development and Search Engine Marketing services.
        4. 24/7 Availability:- We are there to help you 24/7. You can ping us anytime. We would love to solve your query.
        5. 1834 Projects, 500+ Clients:- We have more than 500 satisfied Clients. We have completed around 700+ Social Media Projects and 1834 Website SEO Projects.
        6. 98% Client Retention Ratio:- We have a client retention ratio of more than 98%. Most Clients love our work and are addicted to our services.
        7. We are Updated:- Our Search Engine Optimization Expert in India are updated with the latest Algorithms and help to delegate the same strategies for our projects.
        8. We are Global:- We have extended our services Globally. We share office space in Brampton, Montreal, Edmonton, London Ontario, Toronto and San Diego

        As an best SEO Expert in India Do you Gurantee Rankings?

        Yes, We do:- If everything remains the same as of now, yeah we guarantee rankings.

        No, We don’t:- If anything changes in the Search Engine Algorithm then things change.


        So the gist is, the things which are working today for Search Engines, may not work tomorrow. But we are working on a longer-term vision of Google of “Content Organization”. We try to align our strategies with the same, so we don’t have to face any hard penalty from Google.


        It is only a slight change that our project ranking faces with regular updates by Google.


        But in the future, if Big Algorithm Changes like Panda and Penguin happen, which change the complete structure of current SEO then things will change and we have to strategize the things accordingly.

        No SEO in India can guarantee results.

        What reports will you give? And When?

        We provide you the following reports

        1. Google Analytics Report:- Google Analytics Reports consist of
          • Acquisition:- How your website is acquiring audience? What is the main source of traffic? Whether it is organic search or social media?
          • Audience:- Check how your audience is responding to your website. What is the bounce rate? From which country they are coming?
          • Behavior:- Check the behavior of users. What are the landing pages the audience is coming and all?
        2. Keyword Ranking Report
        3. Google Search Console Reports
        4. Monthly Work Report – Get the report of all the work done in a month(including Backlinks, On-Page, Content, Social Media Promotion etc)

        What will you Do if my competitor is a significantly big?

        The size of competitors really doesn’t matter.

        Let’s understand this by two approaches we follow while running a Digital Marketing Campaign.


        Keyword Based Approach:- We try to select and rank those keywords which are low in difficulty and have high volume and clicks Monthly.


        Traffic Based Approach:- We strategize things with a vision to increase online users. So we select keywords according to that.


        Competition only matters if we are selecting some keywords or approaches on which our competitors are targeting. We check the loopholes of your competitors and hit that.


        And Yeah, if your question is to rank on the same difficult keyword on which your competitor is ranking. Then definitely, it is true that high difficulty keywords will take time to rank.


        There is no generalized answer to this question. This can be exactly answered after analyzing the project and the capabilities it holds.

        You Claim yourself as a SEO Expert India. Can you give me the results in 1 or 2 Months?

        A Big No.


        SEO is a synonym of “Patience”


        You have to at least wait for 6-8 months to get the desired results.

        What does an SEO Expert do?

        As the top notch SEO Expert in India with a team of top Organic SEO Expert, Freelancer, Specialist and Consultant we do the following things.

        1. Review and Analysis of your website
        2. Keyword Research Services
        3. Competitive Analysis Services
        4. Google Analytics and Webmasters Setup
        5. On Page SEO Services (Setting Up Meta, Title , H1 tags etc)
        6. Off Page SEO Services (Quality Link Development)
        7. Content Optimization and Marketing Services
        8. Mobile Optimization
        9. Social Media Promotion and Marketing

        Your SEO Packages are expensive. Other SEO Services in India giving it at lower price. Why should I select you?

        Definitely, there is a difference between iPhone and Local Store Phone.


        They both can be used to talk. But what difference it makes is quality, user experience, focusing on each and every minute detail.


        So what matters is a deep understanding of the project and Quality assurance.


        As the foremost SEO Consultants in India, we have a great responsibility to handle your brand.

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