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SEO Expert India, SEO India, SEO Experts India

SEO Expert India, SEO India, SEO experts Company India - Gautam Sharma
SEO Expert India, SEO India, SEO Experts India

Complete Internet Marketing Solutions

Gautam Sharma -- Best SEO Expert in India

Want to Increase Your Business Revenue by 200% with our SEO Experts Team?


Want a Permanent solution for Sales for your business?


Every business needs a Website and every Website needs to be ranked on the #1 Page to get Conversions and sales. Gautam Sharma is the best SEO Expert in India who can help to bring you 20x more traffic and sales. With the best-personalized SEO Strategies and without spending a single penny on Google Ads or any Social Media Ads we can bring your Website with higher conversions and ultimately higher revenue.


With the continuous efforts of our Freelance SEO Expert team, we have achieved to increase average CTR by 7%, decrease CPA by 20%, and increase ROI by 272%.


Relax and Sit ! Your Brand is Safe With Us.

Services We Offer


Search Engine Optimization {SEO}

Drive Long Term traffic with our best SEO Strategies and increase your CTR, ROI and sales by 200%

Social Media Marketing {SMM}

Want to try our Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Media Marketing Strategies today. The social engagement can increase your traffic by 3X.

Pay Per Click Management {PPC}

Expensive but Fruitful. Yeah you heard it right. Google Ads and Other Pay Per Click Ads can drive a tremendous traffic to your website.

Online Reputation Management {ORM}

Is Your Brand Reputation destroyed by Bad Actors. Dont Worry !!! We are here to help. With our best Reputatation Management Strategies, we can help you regain your Brand Reputation.

Free Website Audit

Want to know the Online Status of your Website today. Get a Free Website Audit done by our SEO Experts Team.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Still not sure what to do. Check our Digital Marketing Solution. We make best combination of all the strategies and provide you with best Digital Marketing Plan.

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    Hiring a Google SEO Expert can prove to be the best shot for your business. We work with you, not for you. Your business deserves a robust Online Presence in the era of this pandemic.

    Get Started today with the Best Digital Marketing Campaign or SEO Campaign for your website. We are the best SEO team in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, and Chandigarh.

    Increase in Monthly Visitors
    Decrease In Bounce Rate


    For your Growing Business that deserves a robust Online Presence, SEO Specialist will help you to create a Unparallel Marketing Plan that will help grow your business and retain your Online Reputation.

    Your SEO Consultant will help you blaze your SEO Campaign thus helping to decrease the marketing budget in the long run. Gaining more visitors through Organic reach will help you slowly and steadily contract your Ads budget and finally diminish it.


    SEO Process, Methods, Types and Techniques

    Review, Analysis and Initial Setup

    It includes Keyword Research, Critical Analysis of your and Competitor Website, Initial Setup including Webmasters Setup ( Google, Yahoo, Bing) and Analytics Setup, Duplicate Content Check and Baseline Ranking Check.

    On Page SEO

    On-Page SEO includes rectifying Canonicalisation, Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Title Tag Optimization, Content and Image Optimization, Internal Linking, Anchor Text, SEO Friendly URLs, Sitemap, Robots.txt and Structured Data Implementation

    Off Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO includes Article and Press Release Writing and Submission, Blog Posting, Guest Posting, Business Listing, Positive Review, and Rating submission, Web 2.0, Video Marketing, Image Submission and Social Sharing.

    Local SEO

    Have a Small Business and Wants #1 on Google Maps. Our Local SEO team will strategize to excel at #1 in your city.

    E-Commerce SEO

    Have an E-Commerce Store and want to Sell Online. Our E-Commerce Strategies can bring you, 10K Customers, a Day. Get in touch with our team

    International SEO

    Want Exposure and Global Leads. Our SEO Expert team is able to handle multilingual SEO and can generate for you desired leads and conversions.


    Grow your Online Presence with Indian SEO Expert

    Our 8 Years of expertise in the SEO and Digital Marketing industry have made us unbeaten in India, Asia, and all over the World.

    Our Client Retention ratio is more than 98%. This clearly indicates our past successful results and trust and rapport among our clients.

    Industry Proven Practices

    Advance SEO Techniques

    We’re rated among the best-in-class

    Zero Tolerance of any Errors

    Why Choose us

    Seamless Experience with SEO Consultant

    Convert your Bad Leads to Good Leads. Get More Closed-Won Opportunities. Boost your Profit Margin and Monthly Recurring Revenue with our best SEO Services.

    24/7 Customer Support

    We are available 24*7*365. You can ping us anytime and our team is available to serve you with all your SEO Campaign Queries.

    Higher ROI (Return On Investment)

    With an Expert SEO team designing a Highly Personalized strategy for your website, you get ROI as high as 272%.

    Higher Profit, Sales and Conversion Rate

    With our proven SEO Strategies you get higher Sales, Leads and Conversion Rate, thus increasing your ROI. And this all happens at Minimum Customer Acquisition Cost.

    What our client’s say

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    Best SEO Plan & Package

    Our Pricing Plans

    Check our Affordable SEO Packages

    Popular Choice

    Standard Plan

    For Startups

    • 10-20 Keywords
    • Analysis and Setup
    • On-Page SEO
    • Link Building
    • Monthly Reports

    Popular Choice

    Economy Plan

    For Small and Growing Business

    • 20-50 Keywords
    • Analysis and Setup
    • On-Page SEO
    • Link Building
    • Monthly Reports

    Popular Choice

    Executive Plan

    For Big Enterprises

    • 50-100 Keywords
    • Analysis and Setup
    • On-Page SEO
    • Link Building
    • GUEST POSTING (As per Requirement)
    • Monthly Reports

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does SEO Stand for?

    What does SEO mean?


    SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your website to get organic traffic from search engines. Through the best SEO techniques, we can increase both the quality and quantitative traffic to the website. In the long term, this helps in growing Leads, Sales, and ROI. How?


    · Quality: SEO helps you in targetting the niche audience and thus can help increase highly qualified leads, which can easily convert into sales. Quality traffic can help you improve your ROI by even 978% in some niche. 


    · Quantity: SEO attracts quantitative traffic also, which remains at the top of the funnel and don’t convert into qualified leads at present due to constraint of Budget, Timeline, Need or Authority but can be your potential customers in the future.  


    How does that work? 


    Google has crawlers, like little robots, that go out and gather information regarding a specific search term or subject matter. When they’re crawling, they build an index of information that tries to match someone’s query with the data they’ve found.


    For example, if you sell handmade goods in India, it helps to have keyword-optimized content on your website that will let crawlers know what you sell. Then, when someone searches for “handmade goods in India,” Google will extract your page among millions of other pages based on the User query and ranks the page, which wins the race of passing its more than 200 algorithm signals. 


    Components of an SEO-Optimized Website


    Expert SEO services in India should guide you through this, but to give you a quick overview, here are the key factors that go into a Search Engine Optimized Website.

    1. SEO-friendly domain name

    2. Webpage Satisfying the search Intent

    3. High-quality, informative, and relative content

    4. Optimized Headings, Alt Tags, Meta Tags, Description

    5. Great inbound and outbound links


    While this isn’t all that goes into optimizing a website for SEO, it’s a large portion. Domain and Page Rank are some of the most critical factors that account for about 40% of a website’s overall SEO ranking.


    We are the best SEO specialist in India who can quickly understand your SEO needs and formulate a success plan.

    Which is better, SEO or PPC?

    Unlike paid traffic, SEO brings in organic traffic, which you don’t have to pay. The main difference here is that SEO and organic traffic are something that you build over time as you make your brand’s reputation and visibility. 


    While paid search traffic is beneficial, it’s usually not preferable for startups who don’t have a high marketing budget. If you’re looking for quick revenue for a specific reason, paid ads are excellent. You can also combine Paid Ads Strategy with SEO to increase ROI and reduce marketing costs in the long term.


    SEO is one of the most lucrative forms of digital marketing to invest in.


    Ahrefs Study also conveys the same:

    · 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

    · 60% of marketers say that inbound content like SEO-optimized blog content is their highest quality source of leads.

    · The No. 1 result in Google’s organic search results has a 31% higher click-through-rate (CTR).


    Consumers trust Google and other search engines. They use them as a critical component during their search for a product or service. If your company isn’t optimizing online content for SEO, then it’s hard to take advantage of those searches and meet your potential customers who can become your leads.

    How SEO is Useful for My Business?

    SEO drive 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.


    Some of the key points on how SEO is useful to your business are as follows:


    1. Higher ROI
    2. Higher Sales and Leads
    3. Greater Visibility
    4. Higher Profit Margin
    5. Increase in Monthly and Annual Recurring Revenue
    6. Low Customer Acquisition Cost.
    7. More Conversion Rate
    8. More Closed-Won Opportunities.
    9. Highly Targetted Audience having the potential to become highly qualified leads.


    It means instead of trying to focus on your next Facebook or Instagram post; it might make more sense to hire SEO Services to increase your quality traffic.


    SEO is a crucial component in digital marketing, but if you’re unsure what it means, what kind of services an SEO expert offers, or how they might benefit you, then we’re here to help. 

    Why Spend on SEO when there are other Marketing Strategies available?

    It is a good idea to spend on SEO because of the following reasons. 


    • No Spending on Other Paid Strategies: When working on SEO, you don’t have to spend on Paid Ads or other Offline Marketing Strategies. A Paid Ads Strategy consumes 26 times more budget than SEO.  


    • SEO results are long term:- SEO results are long term. Once you get the rankings on keywords, SEO becomes a SALES MACHINE for which you don’t have to pay a single penny. 


    • Low Customer Acquisition Cost:- SEO decreases CAC by more than 80%. So as a businessman, this is a crucial point to consider. 


    • Increase Trust of your Brand:- People trust Google, and if you are #1 Page, you get the benefit of that trust. You get brand recognition without spending anything. 


    • Increase ROI, Sales, and Leads:- As we know, SEO increases ROI by 272%, so it is a good idea to invest in SEO. 


    • Higher Visibility:- People search on Google for everything, so you get a higher visibility, which no other Marketing Strategy can give you. In other words, Google has the highest footprints. 

    Why select Gautam Sharma for my next SEO Campaign?

    The following points make us the best choice for your next SEO campaign.


    1. Affordable SEO Services:- We provide the most competitive price without compromising with quality.
    2. 8+ Years Experience:- We are in the Digital Marketing Industry for the last eight years, so we know how to operate each nut and bolt
    3. Highly Expert Team:- We have a highly expert and skilled team for SEO, Content Writing, Creative Designing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing.
    4. 24/7 Availability:- We are available 24/7 for you. You can ping us anytime. We would love to solve your query.
    5. 1834 Projects, 500+ Clients:- We have more than 500 satisfied Clients. We have completed around 1834 Projects.
    6. 98% Client Retention Ratio:- We have a client retention ratio of more than 98%. Most Clients love our work and are addicted to our services.
    7. We are Updated:- We are updated with the latest Google Algorithms and thus delegate the same strategies for our projects.
    8. We are Global:- We are not only limited to India but also have extended our business. We share office space in Brampton, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Ontario, and also in San Diego, California

    Do you Gurantee Rankings?

    Yes, We do:- If everything remains the same as of now, yeah we guarantee rankings.

    No, We don’t:- If anything changes in the Google Algorithm then things change.


    So the gist is, the things which are working today for Google, may not work tomorrow. But we are working on a longer-term vision of Google of “Content Organization”. We try to align our strategies with the same. So we don’t have to face any hard penalty from Google.


    It is only a slight change that our project rankings face with regular updates by Google.


    But in the future, if Big Algorithm Changes like Panda and Penguin happen, which change the complete structure of current SEO then things will change and we have to strategize the things accordingly.

    Check the article from Google – Guranteed Rank is spam

    Is there any Refund Available?

    Definitely, We give Refunds, but not in the terms of Currency but in the terms of free service.


    We provide free service of 2-3 months if we don’t get the desired results in the committed time.

    What reports will you give? And When?

    We provide you the following reports

    1. Google Analytics Report:- Google Analytics Reports consist of
      • Acquisition:- How your website is getting traffic? What is the main source of traffic? Whether it is organic search or social media?
      • Audience:- Check how your audience is responding to your website. What is the bounce rate? From which country they are coming?
      • Behavior:- Check the behavior of users. What are the landing pages the audience is coming and all?
    2. Keyword Ranking Report
    3. Google Search Console Reports
    4. Monthly Work Report – Get the report of all the work done in a month(including Backlinks, On-Page, Content etc)

    What will you Do if my competitor is a significant big Company?

    The size of competitors really doesn’t matter.

    Let’s understand this by two approaches we follow while running an SEO Campaign.


    Keyword Based Approach:- We try to select and rank those keywords which are low in difficulty and have high volume and clicks Monthly.


    Traffic Based Approach:- We strategies things with a vision to increase x% traffic. So we select keywords according to that.


    Competition only matters if we are selecting some keywords or approaches on which our competitors are targeting. We check the loopholes of your competitors and hit that.


    And Yeah, if your question is to rank on the same difficult keyword on which your competitor is ranking. Then definitely, it is true that high difficulty keywords will take time to rank.


    There is no generalized answer to this question. This can be exactly answered after analyzing the project and the capabilities it holds.

    I am a new Startup; I don't have much marketing budget. Can you give me the results in 1 or 2 Months?

    A Big No.


    SEO is a synonym of “Patience”


    You have to at least wait for 6-8 months to get the desired results and traffic.

    Can I buy Links?

    Paid Links are against the Google Webmaster Guidelines. So if in some cases, they are working, they won’t work sooner or later after some Google Algorithm Update.


    So be careful. You are playing risky.  Check this link on Google for more information –  Paid Link Scheme

    Somebody is giving me 5000 backlinks at 50$. Should I take it?

    Only Authority Links can benefit us. A boost of links can penalize your website very hard from Google. And it is not just the links that work but it is the synchronized strategy between On-Page and Off-Page SEO.


    Google Webspam team will hit you hard if it sees anything unusual happening with your link profile.


    Please read this article carefully before throwing an axe on your leg.

    Link Scheme article

    What does an SEO Company do?

    Now that you’ve got a pretty good idea of SEO, it’s time to understand what an SEO specialist does for you. It’s more than merely looking for keywords and plugging them into your website.


    Expert SEO services in India usually include at least some variation of the following services.


    Keyword Research

    1. SEO isn’t possible without keyword research. Keywords are the backbone of any great SEO plan. It is because keywords are what people use to search for something. The best SEO experts in India will know the exact keyword strategy to attract your business’s right audience.
    2. Long-tail keywords usually work best. Studies show that 69.7% of search queries contain four words or more. It’s best to try and be as specific as possible to ensure that you’re getting high-quality leads.
    3. However, it goes beyond merely looking for the right keywords to use. It is optimizing content according to the same. 



    Quality Content Development

    1. With a good list of keywords in hand, it’s now time to begin crafting quality content. While it’s essential to optimize this content with keywords, it’s crucial to provide value to your visitors.
    2. You’re trying to build trust as you make your brand. And, you want people to not only stay for a while when they visit your website but also to come back for more.
    3.  Content Development is the first step in building domain authority. It shows Google’s crawlers that they should trust your content and therefore rank it higher.



    Mobile-Friendly Optimization

    1. Most people use their mobile phones to conduct searches nowadays. 63% of Google searches are through mobile search. It makes it extremely important that you have a user-friendly mobile version of your website.
    2. If you don’t, then the chances are that when they click on the search engine result, they’ll quickly bounce back.
    3. With the help of a team of SEO experts, you’ll be able to optimize your current website for all screen sizes to provide the best user-responsive experience.



    Link Building

    1. Domain and Page authority are some of the most critical features that contribute to 40% of a website’s overall SEO ranking? Well, that has a lot to do with Link Building.
    2. What is backlinking? It’s the process of getting third-party websites to link back to our website. In doing so, it lets Google and other search engines know that they should trust your website. When more related websites link back to yours, it indicates the Google algorithm that your content is high-quality and trustworthy. Over time, having a solid Link Building strategy is crucial in ensuring your success with SEO.
    3. However, this can take time and effort. You could hire the best Freelance SEO Services team to take care of this. Working with a group of experts across the board will help you streamline the process and integrate it with your other SEO efforts.



    Page Speed Optimization

    1. A great SEO specialist in India should also work with you to optimize your website’s loading speed. Why?
    2. According to Unbounce, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, over half of the visitors will bounce back. And that’s pretty terrible for your SEO rankings. If your dwell time is low, then you have less chance of ranking high. 
    3. An Expert SEO company will ensure that your website is user friendly and loads fast.

    Your SEO Packages are expensive. Somebody is giving at a lower price. Why should I select you?

    Definitely, there is a difference between iPhone and Local Store Phone.


    They both can be used to talk. But what difference it makes is quality, user experience, focusing on each and every minute detail.


    So what matters is a deep understanding of the project and Quality assurance.

    Do You Want More SEO Traffic?

    Our team of experts can optimize your website for search engines. Let's Collaborate and Design a Personalized Strategy for you.