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I am a SEO freelancer by choice and can help you with my best solutions on On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Video SEO, Enterprise SEO, website ranking, google ranking, internet marketing, local SEO, national SEO and international SEO.


Pay Per Click Advertising

If you dont have much time to wait for SEO results and want your business to rank on google immediately than this solution is for you. You Pay for whatever click you get and we will help you in making the SEO KEYWORD strategy.


Free Site Audit

You are just one click away from getting your website SITE Audit Report . Just ping me and I will help you in providing the best suggestion for your website which can rank your website higher.


Why Choose me as your SEO Expert

Why choose Me

SEO Freelancer in India

People generally ask me questions like What is SEO , what are all seo services, what are seo tools and how they are helpful, what is PPC, how to rank in search engine, which is the best seo company or seo agency, SEM and what is Optimisation. I after hearing all these question generally takes a deep breath , sit relax and try to answer all there question. Google changes its algorithm when it feels so and the site which is ranking first may not be shown at all the next day. I as a SEO Expert in India is always craving for what changes google can make in its next algorithm. How to organically rank the website so that it can persist in a long run.

Google SEO is not a small task and requires complete dedication. Before starting any process of SEO there is a need of complete website analysis which is termed as SEO analysis and a SEO report has to be generated for the same. Clients who come to me are generally unaware of the terminology SEO Keywords. I explain them the importance of SEO Keyword and how it is useful in website ranking project. Pagerank or Google ranking is the best internal marketing strategy since it increases the traffic 20 times than PPC. SEO is also based on demography and it is done at three levels like local SEO, National SEO and International SEO. Some of the key benefit of Why Choosing me as your SEO Expert are.

    • Seo ranked website gets 20X more traffic than PPC.

    • Every business needs website and every website need to come on page 1 to grow . So you need a SEO Expert or SEO Freelancer for that.

    • You need SEO Expert not only for SEO but for imporving the overall user experience of your website also and that ultimately will grow business. Google tells to work first for user experience and than for search engine and as a SEO Freelancer, I always keep in mind this thing.

    • SEO will definitely increase your website trust. People generally trust Search Engine and in the digital era everybody search on the search engine for anything and everything. So if you have a good position there you are definitely trustworthy.

Who We Are

We are one of the best Digital Marketing Company and Online Marketing Company in India having one of the top SEO experts team. We come on position 2 among all the best SEO Companies in 2019. We are the only Digital Marketing Agency that has successfully completed more than 1800 projects in just a time frame of 7 years. Our SEO Campaigns and Internet Marketing Strategy focuses on increasing Online business, Targeted traffic, SERPS Ranking, ROI, Page Ranking, Organic Traffic, Web traffic, conversion rates, Local Search Ranking, visibility in Search Engine Results and web presence without violating Webmaster Guidelines and attracting no Google Penalty.

Any great SEO Firm or SEO Services Company should possess a quality of fine understanding of the project and should have a great team of best SEO Consultants who can manage to provide Affordable SEO Services.

We are also among the top 300 Google Partner Agencies all over the globe successfully delivering quality results to Google and our Clients. Our PPC Campaign team has a deep understanding of Google Adwords and understands well how to design an Online Marketing Strategy in a good Marketing budget. Started the journey from a small web design company with a bunch of web designers the company has successfully been able to register its name as the best Internet Marketing Company.

Our journey towards success or becoming an SEO Expert or best SEO Freelancer was simple. We always worked on Value Addition rather than money. Money is and was always a by-product. When a client comes to us with a website having a disastrous structure or duplicate content, we prefer not to take a project because the website can never be ranked. We never betray Client just for few bucks. We rather advise them to improve the structure of their website and write original content. Remember a website having original content can only be ranked. The structure is also important for SEO. The website has to be user-friendly for a search engine to rank. As everybody knows, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load than 67% of visitors are already lost or bounced. Our team works more on improving user experience rather than optimizing it just for Search Engine.

What We Do

Digital Marketing ServicesSEO Strategies DevelopmentSocial Media OptimizationLocal Search Marketing PPC Management
Professional SEO ServicesSEO CopywritingPaid Search OptimizationInbound MarketingOnline Reputation Management
Internet Marketing ServicesSEO AuditConversion Rate OptimizationWeb Marketing
SEO Web Design ServicesSEO SolutionsContent OptimizationPay Per Click Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization ServicesE-Commerce SEOSite Optimization
Link Building ServicesBusiness SEOLocal Search Engine Optimization
Local SEO ServicesSEO Consulting
Content Development
Keyword Analysis
Website Audit

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO ?

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimisation. Optimization of our Web Pages so that it passes all the algorithm is Search Engine Optimisation. When a query is asked on Search Engine on a particular keyword, Google Searches over 1 billion pages from its index and tries to deliver the most relevant content to the user. Google has more than 200 Signals on which a Webpage is calculated like site speed, bounce rate, Thin content, etc. For example, Google asks to put your main keyword in H1 heading on the webpage so that whenever the query comes for that particular keyword, it becomes easy for Search Engines like Google and Bing to find the relevant page. So basically Search Engine Optimisation is Optimising our website both for On-Page and Off-page.

I am a small businessman. Do I need SEO?

The answer to this simple question is YES!!! With the trend of Digital World, it has become difficult to survive in the market without an online presence. And it is not just the online presence that matters, what matters is you should be on Page 1 of Google. A survey says website ranking on Google Page 1 increases its revenue by at least 5 times. Today everybody searches everything on Google from small to big things. So definitely yes, SEO will increase your revenue and profit.

How much time it will take to rank my website?

It depends on the website and keywords we choose. If the difficulty of keywords is low to normal it gets ranked in around 6 Months and if the keyword difficulty is high then it may even take from 6-12 Month. For very high competitive keywords it may sometimes even take 12-18 Months to rank. But we assume around 6 Months for 90% of our clients.

How can we trust you for our SEO Requirements

Don’t trust me. Trust Google. Search “SEO Expert in India” and you will find us. I am top ranked Google Certified SEO Expert

Google Rank 1 SEO Expert in India

What all areas you serve ?

Andhra Pradesh, SEO Freelancer in Hyderabad, Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar, Assam, Dispur, Bihar, Patna, Chattisgarh, Raipur, Goa, Panaji, Gujarat, Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Haryana, Punjab, SEO Expert in Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar, Jharkhand, Ranchi, Karnataka, Bengaluru, Banglore, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Indore, Maharashtra, SEO Expert in Mumbai, Manipur, Imphal, Meghalaya, Shillong, Mizoram, Aizawal, Nagaland, Kohima, Odisha, Bhubaneshwar, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Sikkim, Gangtok, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Telangana, Tripura, Agartala, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Uttrakhand, Dehradun, West Bengal, SEO Expert in Kolkata, Andaman and Nicobar, Port Blair, Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa, Daman, and Diu, Delhi

How to search for SEO Specialist or Digital Marketing Expert ?

Searching for SEO Specialist or Digital Marketing Expert is a difficult task because SEO is all about false promises and less about the real results. Every SEO Expert will promise to deliver results in a time frame of 6-12 months but only 4.7% of them get succeeded and in all other cases the hard-earned money of Client is lost.
I will tell you how to hire the best SEO Specialist or Digital Marketing Expert
Step 1:- Let’s suppose you want to hire the best SEO Freelancer in India or Freelance SEO Expert or best web Design Expert. So you have 3 terms “SEO Freelancer in India”, “Freelancer SEO Expert”, “Best Web Design Expert”
Step 2:- Enter these 3 terms in the Keyword Difficulty Checker tool. You will get to know the difficulty of these keywords. The difficulty of these keywords has to be more than 50. If they are not then trying to search for another similar term and get that term which has difficulty more than 50. The difficulty level determines how difficult it is to rank a particular keyword.
Step 3:- Once you have determined the keyword difficulty with good difficulty level than definitely search them in Google Search. Analyze the search results. Whatever results you are getting on top 5 are the best results for you. Get the quote from them and select one of them.
You can also check my answer on quora – How to Search for the best SEO Expert.

What is you SEO Strategy or SEO Planning Model

Our SEO Strategy for any SEO Campaign is defined on three major pillars
1. On-Page SEO Optimization
a. Meta Tags
b. Keyword Research
c. Content Optimization
d. Alt Tag and Image Optimization
e. Meta Description
f. H1, H2, H3 headings setup
g. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Settings Setup
h. Google Analytics Setup
i. Google Webmaster Setup
j. Other Search Engine Submission and Setup
k. External / Internal Linking
l. Make SEO Friendly Page
m. Competitive Analysis
2. Technical Optimization
a. Site SpeedUp
b. Image Compression and serving through WebP technology
c. Schema Markup / Google Rich Snippets
d. Introduction of SSL Certificate (HTTP to HTTPs)
e. XML Sitemap and Robots.txt
f. Broken Links Fixation
g. Duplicate URL Fixation
h. Free Site Audit and reporting
i. Optimizing site for Local SEO
3. OFF Page SEO
a. Web 2.0
b. Article Submission
c. Forum Discussion
d. Classifieds Submission
e. Directory Submission
f. Social Bookmarking
g. Ping
h. Infographic Submission
i. Search Engine Submission
j. Quora Answers

What is your link Building Strategy?

Link building strategy is defined on the project to project basis. Although a lot part of google ranking can be given to backlink strategy it is not the sole thing that determines the rankings. There are many other things to see. The most important of which is “Search Intent”. If your corresponding content for a particular keyword doesn’t satisfy the search intent than there is no meaning of any link building. The efforts will all go in vain.
So the primary task of our team remains is to optimize content for the search intent. And if in some cases the content cannot be changed then we convince the client to choose the separate keywords.
On average we provide 100-150 quality backlinks for a project per month.

What are your SEO Packages?

SEO Packages completely depends on the particular project. It depends on many factors like keyword difficulty, niche, demographics to target, Website current status, Domain Age and many more. But for a basic project, we assume 1000-1500$ and for medium difficulty projects, the price can vary from 2000-2500$.

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