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Gautam Sharma is the trusted SEO Expert in Delhi. With the dedicated approach and personalized SEO Strategies, we have completed more than 1800 projects. Gautam is one of the India’s best SEO Experts with extensive experience of more than 8+ years. Start working today with top SEO Specialist in Delhi and rank higher in SERP rankings.


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SEO Expert in India - Gautam Sharma
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SEO Services in Delhi

Why we are the best SEO Expert Delhi

We provide marketing services to each and every niche, and we understand whether small or big, business is important for you. So we try our best to bring you more and more sales. As a top and trusted SEO Consultant in Delhi we have mastered almost all the 200 Ranking factors in Google.


We are not only the leading SEO in Delhi but also one of the top Freelance SEO Experts in Mumbai, Hyderabad, pune and Kolkata. Other than this we have established ourselves as the best Search Engine Optimization Expert in Brampton and #1 SEO Company in San Diego

Guaranteed Results

We believe it is a waste of money until we didn’t get the assured results. We give you the results until something big happens in Google.

Dedicated Approach

Our Team Dedicated and Focused approach with proven SEO Techniques makes it easy to rank the website fast.

Experienced Team

Definitely Experience Works. We know what is written in theory and what will actually work. Our best team knows every trick of SEO.

More Sales and Leads

With our best efforts, we are able to provide you with more sales, leads, and conversion thus generating More and More ROI.

Services We Offer

Top Organic SEO Services in Delhi

Get the help of best Search Engine Optimization Expert in Delhi. As a top SEO Services in Delhi we bring your more Web Traffic through Organic means.

Local SEO Services

Have a restaurant or Small Shop. Want to rank higher in Google Maps Locally in Delhi. Don't worry we as a trusted SEO Expert Delhi will help you realize your goals.

International SEO Services

Want to Expand Globally and also to areas with different languages. We are here for you with our Multilingual SEO Experts.

E-Commerce SEO Services

Just Started the Online Store and struggling with low sales. With Our Google SEO Expert Delhi get best E-Commerce SEO Package and boost your traffic to 1k+ in 6 Months.

Content Development Services

Suffering from poor Content that is not satisfying Users Search Intent. We are here to help you with the best Content Strategy.

Lead Generation Services

Want more industry for Service Industry. We can help you generate more and more leads with our Lead Generation Campaign.

PPC Services

The budget is no problem. Want Instant results. Get in touch with our Google AdWords team to run the best PPC Campaign.

Get Free Website Audit Report

Get Website Audit done by proven SEO Expert in Delhi. Check how your website is performing online. Check the technical Errors, Ideas to optimize the On-Page, and Much More in the free website report.

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    Questions You Want To Know

    Why Choose SEO for my small Startup in Delhi?

    • Increased Revenue:- SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the need for today’s digital era. Whether you are running a small shop or a salon or an owner of a big brand, SEO can help you increase your business’s revenue tremendously.


    • People Prefer Google:- An online survey states that more than 85% of people prefer to purchase online or refer to google for their questions. If your website ranks on the top Google Search Query results, then there are 67% more chances to get the leads converted.


    • Instant and Long Term Results:- The city beautiful has substantial opportunities to grow and prosper your business. Every business needs sales for its success. Digital Marketing solutions can help you in every situation, whether you need instant results or have a long-term perspective. If you need instant results, then PPC ( Pay Per Click Advertising), Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, and Instagram Promotion is the right Cup for tea. If you want long-term stable results, Search Engine Optimization is one and only one answer.


    • Time taking but Effective:- Your website can take 6-12 months to rank depending upon keyword difficulty, competitor status, and market budget you have allocated for the same. It is a time-consuming process but fruitful in the long run. 

    What Expertise Should an Search Engine Optimization Expert in Delhi should have?

    1. Should not only be interested in Search Engine Rankings – We as an Organic SEO Expert are not only interested in Search Engine Rankings but are more considered about “How you appear.”
    2. Competitor Analysis – an SEO Specialist should hold in-depth knowledge of competitor analysis. The competitive analysis defines the roadmap of any SEO Project. Knowing where your competitor is strong and where are the loopholes and opportunities to outrank is the fundamental thing that the SEO guy should know.
    3. Keyword Research: Keyword Research plays another vital role. Just starting the SEO Campaign doesn’t solve the purpose. We need to know the keywords that can drive traffic, sales, and leads to our website. An SEO Expert should be pro in Keyword Research strategy, including Short and Long tail keyword Strategies.
    4. Technical Optimization: Technical Optimization is resolving all the technical Errors of the website, including the SSL errors (HTTP to HTTPS), Javascript and CSS Errors, Sitemap errors, Slow Speed Errors, Meta Robots, .htaccess File errors.
    5. On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO Services includes researching and defining the Meta, Alt, and SEO Title tags. Also, it contains navigational Structure improvement. Whether all the URLs are keyword-friendly or not. It is ultimately an optimizing page for Google Rankings.
    6. Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO Services, on the other hand, includes Blog Posting, Guest Posting, PR Submissions, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Positive Reviews Submissions, and much more. It is concerned about the external links.
    7. Image Optimization: Image optimization plays a significant role in rankings. Slow images can increase your website’s loading time, so it is necessary to compress the images. There are several tools available for free compression, from which compressor.io is one of the best ones. We can also use plugins to optimize the images if you are using WordPress or some Content Management System.
    8. Canonicalisation: Canonicalisation is the process of telling Google to just index one page out of two duplicate or almost the same pages on the website.
    9. Schema Markup ( Structured Data Snippets) – Schema Markup or Structured Snippets are the shortcodes put on the webpage to make Google understand your page better and show more informative results to users. There are different Schema types, including Product Reviews, Local Business, Books, Carousels, Local Business, Organisation, etc.
    10. Content Development: Content Development or improvement is another significant part of any SEO Strategy. A Website with an excellent backlink profile and Poor Content can never rank while the opposite can happen. So the fundamental thing is to improve the content and make it satisfy the users’ search intent.
    11. Knowledge of all Premium and Free tools: Your SEO Expert should have experience working on all Premium and Free Tools.
    12. Google Penalty Recovery: Google penalizes the pages if it tries to break its Webmaster policy. Your SEO Specialist should be able to review and rectify the penalty.
    13. Duplicate Content Resolution: Duplicate Content is the most significant problem internet is facing nowadays. Your SEO guy should be able to help you in handling duplicate across website and internet.

    What are the qualities of an SEO Expert in Delhi?

    An Search Engine Services Expert should have the following qualities.

    1. Interested in Business Model– Your Local and Global SEO Experts should be more focused on understanding your business model rather than just talking about Rankings.
    2. Interested in Target Audience– Your SEO Freelancer should ask you a question about your target audience.
    3. Robust and Long term Plan: Your SEO Expert should have a full plan and long term plan to rank your website and increase your website traffic.
    4. Google Webmaster Guidelines: The guy should follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and work according to Google policies. He should do according to White Hat SEO Strategies.
    5. Technical Expertise: Your SEO Consultant in Delhi should have the technical expertise to handle any Google Algorithm Update.
    6. Great Portfolio: We as a top Organic SEO Expert Delhi hold a Good Portfolio and clients list and good reviews.

    What you do after we pay you?

    We value your money. Our Services Consist of a 5D process – CKSOO

    1. (C) Competitive Analysis – We perform deep competitive analysis.
    2. (K) Keyword Research – We do profound Keyword Research.
    3. (S) Setup – We do Google and Bing webmasters Setup, Analytics Setup
    4. (O) On-Page – Than we start working on all the On-Page Activities
    5. (O) Off-Page – We do quality link building for you to outrank your competitors.

    What to expect from Us as Delhi's best SEO Expert and Consultant?

    As a best SEO Expert in Delhi we are commited towards enhancing your brand. Our Expert team is dedicated to your project in the following terms

    1. Dedicated and Practical Approach
    2. Robust Plan
    3. Personalized Strategy for your website
    4. Higher Traffic, Sales, and Leads for your Business
    5. Quality Link Building
    6. White Hat SEO Strategies
    7. 24/7 Support
    8. Free Service for 2 Months if results not satisfactory

    What not to expect from us?

    We are Search Engine Expert and we follow Google Webmaster guidelines. We don’t follow the following techniques.

    1. Black Hat SEO Techniques
    2. Results in 1, 2, or 3 Months
    3. PBN Links
    4. Unrealistic Strategies and Hopes
    5. Free Content
    6. Modifying your website in the cost of SEO
    7. Building too many Links quickly
    8. Quantity Links over Quality Links
    9. Spam Guest Posting

    As an Delhi SEO Specialist, Do you provide guarantee rankings?

    Google Changes its algorithm frequently, so there is nobody who can guarantee you anything. As stated by Google’s John Mueller, Guaranteed rankings are spam. As the top Search Engine Optimization Expert in Delhi, we work with you to do the best. Our Trusted SEO Services will lead you to the top of SERP Rankings.

    What will happen if I don’t take SEO Services for my business?

    Whether you are a startup in Delhi or a big entrepreneur firm in Sector of Delhi, you should go for SEO Services otherwise

    1. Without the help of SEO Services Expert, You lose the power of Online Business.
    2. Google creates brand Trust. If you are not on top, you are away from that trust.
    3. SEO has the power to increase your ROI by more than 272%. It can increase your leads and sales by 20x. So you should consider hiring an SEO Expert.


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