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    Our SEO Experts align your Website with International location and optimize the Content Accordingly. With Personalised SEO Strategies and localizing your pages with target location, we rank your website on top of Search Engines.


    Our SEO Services Expert Localize your landing pages and identify GEO-Specific Keywords that will rank your website locally. With Local SEO Strategies and submitting your website to Local Business Directories, we rank your website.

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    Our Search Engine Experts write and optimize your Product Descriptions. Designing the product page keeping the Search Intention of User in Mind, we rank your products higher in Search Engines.


    By Understanding your target audience, Our SEO Experts devise the Customized Content Marketing Strategy. We Review your Existing Content Regularly and strategize the best Content Promotion Schedule.


    With Our Strong Databases of Authoritative websites, we regularly publish Content on Influencers Website, helping to promote your Brand and Provide Authority to the Website in Search Engine.


    If you are a Youtuber, Don't Worry !! With our top-notch SEO Services we promote and rank your Content on Youtube with Desired Keywords.


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      Gautam Sharma - SEO Expert in india

      Gautam Sharma- Trusted SEO Expert in India

      Are you afraid to enter into Online Business?


      Get More ROI, Sales, and Leads with Organic SEO Expert in Mumbai


      Gautam Sharma is the best SEO Expert in India. We can help you with more organic traffic, visibility, and sales. Get 200% More Return on Investment with our 8+ years of substantial experience.


      With our top Organic SEO Services by our Search Engine Optimization Expert in India Get 4x more Revenue without spending a single cent on other Marketing Efforts.


      Get Better Landing Pages, Organic, and Referral Traffic which are highly prone to become leads. 


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      SEO Services

      Boost your Google ranking with an top SEO Specialist in India. Every Industry is different and has to be dealt with differently. Get your Personalised SEO Strategy with leading Search Engine Optimization Expert in India at competitive pricing.

      Link Building Services

      Quality, Natural, and High Authority Link Profile can rank your website in no time. Get in touch with our Mumbai SEO Experts today to get your personalized Link Building Strategy.

      Content Optimization Services

      Forget about rankings if you have Poor Content. If the design of your content does not satisfy user needs then it is of no use. Our Content Optimization team can help you optimize the Content.

      On-Page Optimization Services

      We are the only SEO Services in Mumbai that understands that a website can't rank if it does not fulfill the search Intent of users. On-Page SEO Techniques improves overall experience of Website.

      Keyword Research Services

      Keyword Research is the most important part of any SEO Strategy. Finding keywords having a high CTR which can bring traffic to your website is a tough task. Get in touch with our SEO Expert for top keyword research.

      Off-Page Optimization Services

      Off-Page SEO includes Blog Writing, Guest Posting, Publishing PR, Improving Reviews and ratings, Social Bookmarking, Business Listing, Local Citations, etc.

      Monthly Reports

      You Get Monthly Reports of whatever work is done(Backlinks, Keywords, Technical Error, On-Page, Off-Page). Next Month Strategies are also conveyed to you for better knowledge.


      Reasons Why SEO Services Can Help You
      Attract New Customers

      Sometimes your biggest competition isn’t the big company but the surrounding businesses in your area. While it doesn’t mean you need to focus solely on them, giving importance to your SEO can help boost your business locally.

      Are you querying about the advantages of SEO to skyrocket your local business sales? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.


      Highly Targeted Market

      While you may already be enjoying visitors to your website, an efficient SEO service can help you target those customers who are most likely to purchase.

      We tweak and streamline your website by using keyword research and SEO tactics to ensure it reaches your targeted audience. Hence, you will notice more audience coming to your website and a higher ROI.

      An SEO strategy focusing on SEO allows your business to emerge as a significant player locally, targeting specific audiences. It helps accurately identify your product’s target market and promote conversion.


      Highest Conversion Levels

      One of the significant benefits of SEO is that it drives prospective customers to your website and boosts conversion rates. 28% of local searches lead to sales. So, SEO undoubtedly results in higher conversation rates and better traffic flow.

      We present you as a professional in your region when local clients wish to purchase to enhance your odds of becoming the anchoring spot.


      Growing Mobile Internet

      You’re missing out big if your website is still not optimized for mobile search. Since Google prioritized mobile-friendly websites, this will fetch you the highest rank in search engines.

      More than 80% of mobile users tap the “near me” option when searching for a specific product or business. Because mobile phones have added benefits of location facilities, you can find someone near you easily.

      Most people search using their mobile phones while on the go. If you appear more often in mobile search results, your sales will improve.

      Our SEO experts ensure you get your website in front of mobile users.


      Great Return On Investment

      With the right local strategy, your business will eventually gain more visibility in search engines and attract traffic. This further leads to more leads, creating more sales and a higher return on investment.

      We offer effective SEO that yields a higher return on investment in the long run compared to paid ads, ensuring your website shows up in local search results.

      Using our SEO and marketing strategy, you can fight your rivals strongly, leading to improved ROI.


      Long lasting rankings

      We know your business operates from a physical location, and you want to capture as much business as possible. SEO determines your webpage’s ranking on search engines. The higher your search results, the more likely customers will contact your business. 

      This is one of the best benefits of SEO over traditional marketing. Rather than wasting money on marketing strategies every week, use our SEO services to get long-lasting rankings and consistent sales.

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      Google SEO Expert India - Why Choose Us?

      We are the best Organic SEO Services in Mumbai with a great Client Retention ratio and a high deliverable rate.

      We are not just top organic SEO Expert Mumbai, but also best SEO Services in Hyderabad, and SEO Experts in Delhi.

      98% Client Retention Ratio

      Why we call ourselves as an best SEO Expert Services in India because we have a Client Retention ratio of more than 98%. We have clients which have retained for more than 5 years with us. That defines our success.

      On-Time Delivery

      We try our best to deliver the project On-Time. If due to any Algorithm change or other similar Consequences we are unable to deliver, our SEO Expert team will have clear communication with the client about the issue.

      SEO Services in Mumbai

      Boost Your Traffic with SEO Services

      Guranteed Results

      We have to believe in our Expert SEO Strategies and Services. We guarantee that if your website does not get rank in a time frame of 6-8 months, we provide free SEO services for another four months. We have a team of the top India SEO Experts. They deeply analyze your project and design a personalized SEO strategy accordingly.

      Higher Sales and Revenue

      Why choose us as SEO Specialist for your established business in India? Definitely for Business Growth or Brand creation. Some want to grow their leads, and some love the branding of their business. The choice is yours. We, as a Dedicated SEO Expert team, are always available for you.

      Dedicated Team

      Our top-notch SEO consultant in India have 100% dedication towards your projects from day 1. We do an in-depth SEO Audit of your website, Competitor AnalysisKeyword AnalysisBacklink Development, White Hat SEO, On-Page SEOOff-Page SEO. Whatever strategy brings you the traffic, we try to follow that. Team leaders take up an in-depth follow-up of the project daily, weekly, and monthly.

      Increase Trust in your Audience

      We work for the User Experience and Search Intention of the targetted audience. It creates more trust among your audience and helps you to gain more fruitful leads. 

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions from our Clients and leads in India

      What is the Need for SEO?

      In Short, SEO gives more visibility to your website online which in turn leads to more conversions and sales. There is recent survey which suggest that higher online presence can increase your ROI by more than 20x.

      I can do SEO myself. Why is there a need for SEO Expert ?

      Surely you can do SEO yourself. But we are in the industry since last 10+ years and have worked on more than 2000 projects. So we know how to deal with Google Algorithm update. Our SEO Experts have the expertise to rank your website with White hat SEO techniques.

      What is the need of SEO when I am selling Offline?

      Online Shop is the demand of time and more than 78% of consumers purchase online. You can be selling offline but to remain existent in the competitive market you should have a strong online presence and that too, on top of Search Engines.

      We design personalised SEO Strategies for every project.

      What Services are offered in SEO ?

      We design a Customised SEO Strategies for your website depending upon the requirements and the competition in your niche. All the services are transparent. All the services are focused to increase your Search Engine Rankings and increase your ROI and quality traffic.

      Have you worked for my Industry earlier?

      We are in the SEO Industry since last 10+ years and have done more than 2000 Projects. So we have worked with all the industries and covered almost all the locations. And also, the fundamentals of rankings does not depends on the niche we are working but on the keywords we are selecting. If we are selecting highly competitive keywords, they may take time to rank but if we are selecting average to low competitive keywords, our website will rank faster on those keywords.

      Can you help me with Local SEO?

      Yes definitely. Local SEO is the first step for our SEO Services. Before ranking your website nationally or Globally, we first rank your website locally. So you can be rest assured on this part.

      How much do you charge for SEO?

      It completely depends on the website and niche we are targetting. But a good SEO package ranges between 300-400$ with a time frame of 6-8 months.

      Should I continue SEO Services if I am on the top rankings already.

      Google Algorithm changes frequently. So it is recommended to continue the SEO efforts even if you are on top of Search Engine Rankings today. The rankings may fluctuate with every algorithm update.

      Does your SEO Services pose threat to my website?

      Not at all. We follow White hat SEO Strategies recommended by Google. We are strictly against Black hat and grey hat SEO Strategies.

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