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Case Study

44K Organic Searches in a Month

44000 Organic Search

2.73M Impressions

7200 Keywords Ranking on Page 1

tenders acquisition

Significant Growth in Clicks, Impressions and ROI.

Clicks and Impressions

We have received 161 K clicks in 3 Months and 40K Clicks in the defined Period

Average CTR and Position

The average CTR has increased from 3.2% to 7.8% while the Average position has improved from 35.3 to 17.6

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Tenders top channels
Top Channels

Google Analytics Data

Search Engine Optimization

88.3% Organic Searches

Social Media Marketing

Only 10.7% traffic from Social Channels and Direct Searches

Keywords Trends Data

With the continuous efforts of our SEO Experts, we have managed to reach a goal of 7200 keywords on Page 1.

7200 Keywords on Page 1
33% less CPA as compared to the previous period.
1345% ROI
Tenders Keywords Trends

Traffic From Different Countries

Ranked among the top 3 Silk House Agencies in India

Global Market Coverage

As you can see, there is high traffic from the United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom leading to more and more business.

Website Security

Implementation of HTTPS on the Website increases trust among the customer base. This helps users to easily make a purchase without giving a second thought.
Tenders Search By Country

In House SEO Strategies

We built the in-house SEO Strategies to tackle the challenges faced in the highly competitive industry.

Social Media

Our Social Media Optimization Strategies have helped us to gain the desired Goal in time.
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How we did it

A Consistent Backlink Strategy

As you can see, a consistent backlink strategy has helped us to reach our goals. The related niche links with high-quality DA and PA have continuously supported us in gaining more traffic.

Related Niche Links leading to High Page Rank

Keyword Research and Anchor Text Optimization

On Page Optimization calls, reach, conversions

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