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Want to Get High ROI as much as 272%?


Want to Double your revenue?


Gautam Sharma is the best SEO Service Provider in  Canada. Whether it is B2B conversions or B2C, get more Sales, and Lead with our SEO Services. Our Optimization Services can get you a CAGR of more than 77.3%.


After hiring me as your SEO Expert, you need not Spend a single Dollar($) on Other Marketing efforts.


Get #1 Rank on Google with our best SEO Experts Team.


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SEO Solutions by Leading SEO Services Company Canada

Natural Way to increase Organic Traffic without spending a single penny on ads. Check our best SEO Solutions.


Search Engine Optimization

Rank your website on Page #1 with our best SEO Strategies. Our On-Page, Off-Page Optimization services are the best in the town.


Pay per Click Solutions

Want to get Sales Fast. PPC is for you. Pay when you get the click or a lead. Boost your ROI with our PPC Campaigns.


Social Media Promotion

Promote Your Brand on Social Media. Check its Mention and get more visibility among the Audience. Social Media Promotion can create awareness of your brand.


Monitoring Business Analytics

Check Your Reports with best Analytics Tools. Get insights of what is working and what needs improvement. Get the deep knowledge of Audience, Behaviour, Page Visits, Bounce Rate on your Website.


Content Optimization Services

Highly Optimized Content which brings value to the users can skyrocket your site and boost your revenue. Our Content Optimization Experts are here to help you.


Visitor Conversion Rate

Get 20x More traffic and 272% More ROI with our best Digital Marketing Modules.

Get Your Free Website Audit

Get Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Technical Errors, Leads, and Conversion Strategy.

    Brainstorming an SEO Road-map

    Personalized Organic SEO Services that bring you to #1 in Canada

    Gautam Sharma with his best freelance SEO Consultants in Canada is also one of the leading SEO Expert India having more than 8+ years of experience in the niche, so you can rest assured with our SEO Strategies.

    We are not only best SEO Experts in Canada but also extended our services to Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Ontario. We are also one of the leading SEO Consultant in India and San Diego


    We deeply analyze the website and the efforts to be put into it. We try to make personalized SEO Strategy according to your industry

    Assured Results:-  With creative efforts and an efficient Approach, we bring you the assured results.


    Higher ROI:- We have ranked many websites in all the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, with our dedicated SEO Services. We claim to give you ROI as high as 272%, seeing our experience.


    Business Growth:- SEO, if done correctly, can increase your business growth by 100x. We are the best SEO Company in Canada.


    Dedicated Approach:- We have a dedicated team committed towards all your Digital Marketing needs, including SEO, SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising), Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, Youtube Marketing, Facebook Marketings.

    SEO Expert in India
    Questions You Want To Know

    What need SEO in Canada?

    • SEO optimized website gets 20x high traffic compared to Pay Per Click Advertising.


    • Since Canada is a growing city, your business’s online presence can generate a more significant ROI.


    • SEO Company not only helps just with your rankings but also improves your website’s overall user experience. Google recommends to work first for user experience and then for search engine, and as an SEO Canada, We always remember this.


    • SEO helps in increasing trust among the audience. People usually trust Search Engine, and in the digital era, everybody searches on the search engine for anything and everything. So if you have a good position there, you look trustworthy.

    Why Choose Us for SEO Needs?

    We are the best SEO Company in Canada, providing all the Digital Marketing Services.


    SEO Basics:- Backlink Development, Keyword Research, and Competitor analysis are top services provided by us. Backlink development is a process of obtaining a link back from the other websites to your website. A backlink is a way to navigate between pages on the internet. In simple words, link building is a practice with a fundamental goal of securing a link or hyperlink on their site to your page. Our SEO Experts can build a natural Link Profile. A low link can destroy all your SEO Campaign efforts. 


    User Experience:- There are many other aspects to see in SEO experts or Freelancers in Canada products and services. We have the best SEO Experts team who can understand the Search Intention of your targetted audience well. We have the necessary resources to implement the same to your website. The resources necessary include Website Designing, Graphic Designing, Leads Writing, Content Development. 


    Social Media Marketing:- We have a team of Digital Marketing Specialists who can also provide you with the best social media strategies. SMM helps you to reach the targetted audience with more ease. Canada SEO Company tends to provide online marketing. We implement the best digital marketing strategies to help you in gaining fruitful leads.


    Internet Marketing Services:- We at SEO Agency Canada can provide internet marketing services, which opens the doors for marketing products and services. Many online businesses are obtaining healthy outcomes with the help of search engine optimization services. Even if you own a small business, a website will help you generate leads. 


    Professional Services:- Things work better if they are done by a professional. The same thing implies to SEO services. A professional can understand your requirement better and help you gain online leads with the help of various Digital Marketing Strategies. 

    Where do I start my SEO strategy?

    If you are thinking of creating a website of your business or already running a website and trying to upgrade it with Online Marketing StrategiesSEO Canada – Gautam Sharma can help you. 


    Technological Sector is facing healthy transformations. People’s mindsets have changed towards buying. There are a bulk of E-Commerce Websites in the market. Whether we talk about clothing or electronic items, grocery or even food, people prefer to buy online. As the online craze increases, business owners are trying to uplift their business standards by creating websites.


    It’s not about the question of small or big SEO companies. Even some of the best SEO Agencies in Canada cannot create an online reputation for a website. Making a website is easy, but increasing its visibility is a challenging task. Not everybody can rank a website. Gautam Sharma – Best SEO Service Expert in Canada, has covered all core roots of SEO and Digital Marketing and has the needful experience and resources to do the same.


    Canada, the ninth most populous municipality in Canada, is the 7th largest city in North America. It is quite a famous city in the northern states. It has the potential for small business owners and startups to achieve higher ROI, leads and sales


    If you are a startup and want to make online sales, you need to discuss your SEO needs with  SEO Expert Canada – Gautam Sharma. He can increase your online visibility by 57% and sales at no extra cost.

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    Pro Includes

    Some great features:

    • 20 Key Words Optimized
    • 5 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
    • Weekly Reporting
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Web site Structure Optimization
    • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
    • 15 Web 2.0 link creation
    • 5 Free Blog Creation
    • 10 Profile Page Creation


    Preferred by professionals



    Premium Includes

    Some great features:

    • 30 Key Words Optimized
    • 5 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
    • Weekly Reporting
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Web site Structure Optimization
    • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
    • 20 Web 2.0 link creation
    • 10 Free Blog Creation
    • 20 Profile Page Creation


    Used by teams



    Enterprise Includes

    Some great features:

    • 50 Key Words Optimized
    • 5 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
    • Weekly Reporting
    • Keyword Research and Analysis
    • Web site Structure Optimization
    • Content Optimization – Implementation of H1-H4 & Bold tags to Content
    • 30 Web 2.0 link creation
    • 15 Free Blog Creation
    • 30 Profile Page Creation

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