A Beginners Guide to SEO score and how it works


SEO can be a much-known term for digital marketers. Though it is the most required technique for digital businesses implementing this properly is the major task. Most of the companies and experts fail to provide the results because of the various mistakes and the basic understanding of the SEO.

If you are a fresher to the field or have no idea about the SEO, then here is the step by step guide to the best SEO techniques that can help you to get the best results with your website. The best SEOs in the industry are following the Advanced SEO methods to rank the websites

A Brief of SEO Basics

  • On-site SEO basics- When you talk about SEO, then, in that case, the first thing is the on-site SEO. On-site SEO is an important element that can help you to get higher rankings. When we talk about the on-site optimization, then we cover the following things for a good SEO strategy:
  1. Title Tag– This is the thing that tells you about what the page is all about. Make sure that you keep the characters as near as possible to 70 and try to insert the brand name or the keyword in the title tag.
  2. Meta description– With the meta description, the search engine gets to know what your website is all about. Make sure that you include the keywords in the meta description. Though this is a disputed fact about the rankings if meta description help or not, but still marketers consider it an important factor. The key to the success of all organic SEO services in Title and Meta Description.
  • Learn what the users are searching on the internet– SEO has changed a lot of dynamics over the years. This is important to know that Google is now giving more ranking priority to the search intent. So, write for the customers rather for the search engine. To get this thing done right, look for what people are searching over the internet and by which way. Also, it is important to note that people search for a similar thing in a lot of different ways. You have to learn how you can get to the customers in a more intellectual way. It is yet another great strategy to deep diver into more granular searches for your customers that they are making. Another great way is to get engaged with your audience and blogging is the best way for this.
  • Learn about the keyword research– Though you would be knowing about this, there are a lot of things that one must consider. To get more traffic, it is important that you get the basic concepts. Make use of the proper tools and the methods that can help you with the keyword researchers.
  • Create the search optimized pages– It is important that you use the keyword research for getting increased traffic. But you have to make sure that the pages are also structured properly. This must satisfy the reason why a person is searching and your website must rank for the keywords that you have selected. Make sure that you have stated with the best user experience that you provide to your visitors. A design that is simple, attractive, and has the best quality of content. The best thing is to implement the features that excite and amaze the customers more. With the Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily get to know how on-page SEO optimization is working.
  • Identify the search intent– People are looking over the internet for most of the three kinds of searches that include:
  1. Navigational searches
  2. Informational searches
  3. Transactional searches

Search intent isn’t always clear to the businesses and this is why one has to think about and get the idea of what people are searching over the internet. To know about the search intent, it is a good practice to see what the pages are ranking for.

  • Use short and descriptive URLs– Use the simple and yet informative URL for your website. Thus, it is advised that you create customized and logically constructed so that it is most intelligible to humans. Using the target keyword in the URL is a great strategy.
  • Using header and subheaders– Make your structure of the search engine easier to understand for your search engines. This is why it is a good practice to use the standard HTML formats for the headers from H1 to H6. Here is how you have to do this:
  1. Header 1 – It is for the on-page title and the content of the header contains naturally the primary keyword that you have to target. For a website, you can have more than an H1 tag per page, but sticking to one is a good practice.
  2. Header 2 – Use this for the main titles on the page and include the keywords naturally in the title you. Also, can look it for a good place in which you can add additional keywords.

And for the rest of the headers, it is recommended that you make the sub-headings with the structure.

 A well-elaborated example can be a travel guide to any place X as:

  • H1- beginners travel guide to city X
  • H2: attraction sights
    • H3: the sight of the city x
      • H4: The specialty or any other location near
    • H3: site of the city x
  • H2: Accommodation
    • H3: Hotels in sequence
  • H2: Restaurants
    • H3- the restaurants in sequence
  • H2: Bars
    • H3: Bars in the city
  • H2: Conclusion of the beginner’s guide.

This will help it easier for the search engines as well as the users to read the content effectively for your website.

  • Optimize the images- Images are a much important part of the SEO. You have to make sure that you are optimizing your images properly to get the high rankings in the SERP. As Google has a separate web page for the images, it becomes much clear how important a picture can be for the search ranks. Provide the good alt tags to the images that help the google to understand about your image. Also, you can try to add keywords to the alt tags and make sure that you are using it in a natural flow. 
  • Set up the schema– This is an important means by which you can improvise how your website will look in the search results. Find the best Semantic Markup tips here.
  • Make your site accessible to both the search engine and the human users– The most important thing is to consider that you have to keep the website accessible for both of them. As you have to get the better ranks, the search engine should be focused but also keep in mind that you are doing this all for the. Creating the pages that are optimized for the bots can be one of the most challenging parts and this is why one needs to understand the features that the search engines consider. 
  • Make a fast loading site– Loading speed and bounce rates are some of the most important ranking signals of Google and other search engine’s ranking algorithm. It has been found in studies that the sites that load faster have higher ranks and even the visitors prefer to stay on the page. As an India’s best SEO Expert I always try to work on User Experience.  
  • Make your website mobile-friendly– Visitors are preferring to make the searches with their mobile devices. Also, Google now had marked mobile-friendliness as an important ranking signal in the ranking algorithm. 
  • Install an SSL certificate– Keep your site more secure and safe, especially in case if you are owning an e-commerce website, then it is important that you have an SSL certificate. Encryption or SSL certificate ensures Google or other search engines about the safety of the website. 
  • Link Building– This is another important thing. Both external and internal links play major roles in the ranking. Make sure that you link to the highly authoritative websites only that has good content as low-quality content or websites can do more harm to your website rather than the goods. Try to practise more White hat SEO Techniques. This is considered as the critical SEO strategy. Though it takes time, money, and efforts you have to promote on generating the links. You can take the help of good SEO tools for finding the toxic backlinks and good backlinks

Search engine optimization is definitely a must nowadays. To give this guide a concluding thought, here is what you to follow for the better SEO strategy of your website:

  • Keyword analysis– find the relevant keywords that will add in revenue
  • Optimize the page for the search engines
  • Build up the links from high quality of websites
  • Keep a track of the records for your website
  • Search intent and search engine optimization are important things to keep in mind.

We hope that the article would have covered all the required information for a better SEO strategy, if you some comments or ideas, please drop it in the comment box, we would love to share your thoughts and experiences for the SEO.