SEO Copywriting Pro tips and Tricks in 2022

SEO Copywriting tips and Tricks

Creating content that is well optimized to gain customer interaction and aligns with the algorithm of Google search engine for better ranking is one of the most difficult challenges faced by content developers and bloggers. To create engaging content for your audience, you need to take a smart approach to SEO copywriting. When it comes to the terms of SEO, always remember, Content is the king and always will be. You can also check an article on Importance of Content in SEO here.

A lot of people think that the process of SEO can be very difficult. In reality, it is not as complicated as it appears.

The core aspect you need to understand while building your SEO strategy is that the user comes first then comes the search engine.

If you write content to please the ranking methodologies of the search engine, you might gain visibility in search results but if the content is not compelling or relevant for a user, it is not going to make a positive outcome.

Remember, it is the people that are going to be inspired and influenced by your content, not the crawl bots.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a crucial aspect of every SEO strategy and it is also one of the biggest challenges that one might face while working on the SEO plan for a website. Before going into the depths of SEO writing, we need to understand first how SEO exactly works.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a practice that allows a website to appear at a better position in search results for a particular search query or keyword.

Keywords are phrases that a user types in the search box of a search engine to get relevant results about the information he or she is looking for.

The websites that appear on the first page or top results have a greater chance of getting customer engagement rather than the websites that are dumped on the second page or can’t be found for the particular keyword. SEO is a great marketing practice to gain a wider segment of the audience.

What is SEO Copywriting
What is SEO Copywriting

Now let’s figure out how SEO works. A software known as crawl bot runs across the content of the website and assesses it through the ever-changing algorithms of the Google search engine (Check Google Page Experience Algorithm Here). Based on content quality, relevancy, keyword optimization, and numerous other factors, it decides where the website should rank. That’s why content is one of the most important parts of the process of SEO. Don’t forget that the content should not only fulfill the algorithm necessities of the search engine but also satisfy the intent of the user.

Copywriting in SEO means the creation of content that is meaningful, attractive, engaging, and valuable for a particular set of keywords to allow an informative reading experience to the users which leads toward conversions.

The relevancy of content for a particular keyword enhances your domain or page authority over Google which is a great contributor in improving the position in search results. With copywriting in SEO, you can create compelling and relevant content that can help you gain better search rankings positions.

Before Writing Understand the Goal of SEO copywriting

Copywriting in SEO is an amalgamation of both creativity and technicality. It is a form of art that is created to draw the attention of customers followed by the science behind the search engine algorithms to drive customers to your website.

Reading a blog, making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, booking an appointment are few examples of a content-driven approach that allows a user or customer to take action after gaining necessary and satisfactory information from a web page.

So now you have found the answer to what is copywriting, let’s figure out who can create this appealing content that drives the user to take action. Professionally speaking, a copywriter does this task for you. A copywriter is a professional that can help you in the development of content for advertisement, branding, promotion, and engagement. But it is not necessary to hire an SEO copywriting service professional.

With a little bit of research and lots of reading, you can also master the art of SEO writing and build a promising relationship with your online audience.

In this article, we have covered the necessary topics to assist with the need for SEO copywriting services. As you follow through this article, you will learn how SEO copywriting can help you to find your target audience and develop content to engage with them, and solve specific problems that arise in the process.

Goal of SEO copywriting
Goal of SEO copywriting
Before starting your plan of copywriting in SEO, you need to understand people. It is necessary to understand things like how people think, what words they choose while searching, their search behavior, which things appeal to them, and a lot more. 

You need to think from the perspective of your audience before developing any content. The content you create needs to persuade your audience to take specific actions. On the other hand, it also needs to work along with the Google algorithms to enhance your website visibility for better and repeated engagement. SEO copywriting is a practice to create well-crafted content for both users and search engines. SEO writing can:

Attract major traffic to your website without any huge financial investment.

Create brand identity and gain trust by providing valuable content your audience is looking for.

Influence or motivate your readers to take specific action and gain business engagement.

Now you must have understood what copywriting in SEO stands for and how it can affect your online engagement with your readers and customers. Moving forward in this guide of what SEO copywriting is, let’s begin with the plan of action.

Make a list of Primary and Secondary Keywords

How to Start SEO Copywriting
How to Start SEO Copywriting

Copywriting in SEO begins with detailed research on the keywords of the products, services, or information you are trying to gain engagement from. Instead of just going off with the writing, you need to decide what you are going to write about. You need to find out the most relevant keywords for your content that will help you rank better in search results. You have to figure out the topics you need to be found on and do detailed keyword research for which you want to rank for. SEO copywriting service can appear like a tedious task in the beginning but with proper keyword research, one can start the journey in the right direction. Follow these three steps while planning for the keywords.

Draft mission statement

Before you start to brainstorm for the ideas of keywords, you need to work on the mission statement of your business or website. You have to come up with an approach that makes you stand apart from the crowd and nurtures your audience engagement. You need to ask yourself some questions like what this website or blog is going to be about, what is going to make you unique, how is this going to be any different from other websites, etc. Take some time to draft your mission statement before starting the keyword research.

Create a list of keywords

After you have found your unique mission statement, you can start working on the keyword list. With a clear mission statement, it will be easier for you to create a list of keywords and unique selling points that can be incorporated into the search terms for your niche. Try to think from the perspective of your audience. Instead of focusing on SEO copywriting, think of yourself as a customer or your niche audience.

How would you search if you were at their place?
What are the key phrases that you will commonly use?
What are the relevant search terms for your topic?
How can this content be found?
What variations and combinations of words can be there?

These are a few questions you need to answer to figure out what’s going in the mind of your target audience.

Once you figure it out, write down all the relevant search phrases that you can think of about your content. Put these keywords in Google search and see whether it is providing relevant results or not. You can also use keyword research tools to find a list of relevant keywords. You can easily find search traffic and the volume of particular words and incorporate them into your SEO copywriting strategy.

Create an overview

Once you have created a list of keywords that you want to incorporate, it’s time to create an overview. It will help you create a summarised version of your keywords and use them wisely in your SEO copywriting. You can prioritize your keywords in the manner of their appearance and importance. Creating an overview will help you determine which keywords you should focus on more to justify your mission statement.

You can also create a set of variables to incorporate multiple combinations of the same keyword to improve search visibility. It will help you determine which keyword you want your pages to rank for or and which are the lesser important ones but necessary. It is a good strategy to start with the long tail and less competitive keywords in the beginning. This will allow you to understand your audience behavior in a better manner and develop your future SEO copywriting strategy accordingly.

Proper keyword research is one of the most prioritized SEO tips for copywriting. There are a variety of factors that you need to focus on while conducting your keyword research. 

Research Well on Search Intent of the topic

Another major aspect of copywriting in SEO is satisfying the search intent of users. When a person enters something in the search box, he or she is on a quest for information and it is crucial to find out what kind of information will satisfy them most. Search intent means what a user is willing to do with the information. You need to find the type of intent applicable to the keywords you have chosen. You can conduct multiple searches of your keywords to figure out which intent applies to them and create meaningful content that matches the intent. 

Every page of the website and the content should be drafted based on user intent. Similarly, the variation of keywords you choose should also fulfill different search intent. Intent searches are bifurcated into four major categories. These are:

Informational intent: the user is looking for more information. This information can be related to a product, service, topic, technology, industry, or anything else. In this scenario, a user is searching for additional information on a particular topic of interest. For example: “best android Smartphone”.

Navigational intent: a user intends to visit a specific website or page. In this scenario, a user has made up their mind about visiting a specific web page related to the product service or topic he/she is looking for. For example: “Samsung Android Smartphone”.

Commercial intent: the user is browsing through the internet willing to make a purchase and investigating the options available. In this scenario, a user is looking out for the options available and making a comparative study to find out which product or service serves best. For example: “Android phones comparison”.

Transactional intent: the user intends to purchase a product or service. In this scenario, a user has found out the information he/she is looking for and is ready to take a transactional action. For example: “buy I-Phone Pro Max”.

Based on these search intents, you can choose your targeted keywords accordingly to match user intentions while looking for information through search engines. 

Go through your Competitor Articles before SEO Copywriting

Another major step in SEO copywriting for beginners is to study your competitors before executing any plan of action. Make a list of your company shares that are ranking in top searches and try to figure out their SEO strategy. You can easily find the keywords that your competitors are using to gain better search placements and rankings. This will help you create your keyword strategy.

Research Your competitor Before SEO copywriting
Research Your competitor Before SEO copywriting

In addition to that, do thorough research on the content part of your competitors’ websites. This will help you to create new ideas and reach out to your audience with something unique that your competitors fail to do. It will serve as an upper hand in your SEO copywriting process.

Researching your competitors’ websites and articles will help you analyze what has been done to gain a particular position and what else you can do to move one step ahead.

Make a comparative study between the top 10 websites that are ranking on your desired keywords and find out the common factors. These common factors will serve as a base for your SEO strategy to start with and introduce new technical aspects to overcome the competition.  

Research and Gather Original Data

One of the most effective SEO tips for copywriting is to provide your audience with unique content. Having a unique and original approach to your content enhances user interest and engagement. Gathering original data is a very crucial element in SEO copywriting. You can acquire SEO copywriting services from an agency to develop content for you but they won’t have a detailed insight into your company or your mission.

In absence of uniqueness, you might not be able to gain the interest of your targeted audience. Having original content encourages link building to your web pages from the other websites sharing relevant information.

Since you are contributing to a meaningful piece of information, these websites refer to your content as the source of origin which will help you gain backlinks from multiple sources and organic traffic. This can improve your SEO ranking to a great extent.

Gathering data is crucial when it comes to the terms of keeping users occupied and engaging frequently. You can collect the data with the help of user-oriented surveys which include a short questionnaire about topics like lifestyle, technology, health, trends, and much more. This keeps users interested in your website. Since you have valued their opinion, they feel more connected with your brand and website.

Research and Gather Original Data for SEO Copywriting
Research and Gather Original Data for SEO Copywriting

Another path you can take to gather data is to dig through the sales records. This will help you determine consumer behavior, sales patterns, product lifecycle, and other factors which are greatly sought after by industrial writers. Apart from these, you can gather data from case studies and provide your opinion or research breakthrough for the same. Or you can also ask customers to share their experiences and stories. Having something unique can turn a lot of heads toward your web content and significantly improve user engagement and search performance.

SEO Copywriting Process

Now you have clearly understood what is SEO copywriting, it’s time to understand the process. Copywriting in SEO begins with a detailed study of your competition and keyword analysis. We have tried to break down the process to make SEO copywriting for beginners an easy and hassle-free task. After doing the necessary research, you will get an idea of what you are going to write. There are three stages of the SEO copywriting process which will help you create a search engine as well as user-friendly articles.

Stage 1- preparation

Stage 2 – writing

Stage 3 – correction

Stage 1: Preparation

Copywriting in SEO starts with the planning of your content piece. Before picking up the pen, you need to think about the content you are going to write. You need to understand the flow of information and the type of message you want to convey with your piece. SEO copywriting for beginners involves lots of planning and less writing initially. Before letting the words flow for your website content, you need to answer the following questions: 

What is the purpose of the content you are writing?
Why should you write this content?
What are your expectations from the content?
What key questions will your content answer?
Who is your targeted audience?
What kind of information your targeted audience is looking for?
What will be the chronological order of information?

These are just some sample questions but these may vary significantly as you push yourself into the depths of SEO copywriting. You need to have a clear mind about the purpose of your article and the text structure.

Stage 2: Writing

After having proper planning and vision about the structure of your content, it’s time to pick up the pen or keyboard, whatever you prefer. You will be surprised to know that it will take a significantly lesser amount of time as expected because you have planned the entire structure.

One of the best SEO copywriting tips for beginners is to just write. Try to insert the information or words in the defined structure without worrying about the beginning or ending part of a paragraph. Feel free to switch to the next paragraph or content section as the information flows through your mind. It becomes really easy once you have written down all the important pieces of information in relevant sections. You can easily draft your supporting text around the facts.

If you feel like the content you are writing is not grammatically correct or doesn’t feel good while reading it out loud, stop worrying about it and keep going. You are on a streak of information flow and don’t let anything stop you. Mistakes are bound to happen. It is important to maintain the writing flow without interruption. You can always make grammar and text corrections later.

Stick to your content structure

You need to keep within the borders of the content outline you created in the preparation stage. In SEO copywriting, writers often deviate from the original content strategy which only increases their effort. Follow your content structure strictly and write clean and imprecise paragraphs. Incorporate the most important information at the beginning of paragraphs and explain it in the remaining section. It’s important to grab your reader’s attention with the first few lines of your content.

Make your content readable

You may find it hard to believe but a majority of your readers won’t read your entire content piece. They want to quickly absorb as much information as they can and make a decision based on that. That is why you need to make sure that your content is readable on every type and size of the device. Make it easier to read and highlight the key points in the beginning section. Having an SEO copywriting template will make it easier to organize the content for a better reading experience.

The inverted pyramid style

It is a content writing approach followed by journalists. Inverted pyramid style refers to writing strategy which includes the most important part of the information on the top. This strategy allows answering the search intent of users in the beginning only to gain their attention. The elaboration can be done in the following content but the crucial piece of information is given right away.

Stage 3 – Correction

After a lot of planning and writing, you have the first draft of your article ready. Now it’s time to make necessary changes to improve the quality of your content and eliminate any errors. You can have several revisions and drafts before you finalize your content. Don’t lose patience yet. This final step can take a lot of time.

In the correction stage, a lot of things will cross your mind. You might feel like the content you have created is not interactive as you thought it would be or the key aspects are lost somewhere in the text. Don’t be afraid to discard any stuff that you don’t like or feel inappropriate in your content structure. If you are not satisfied with your content, it’s hardly possible that your audience will be. Follow these five steps to edit and rephrase your article before bringing it online.

Step 1: Read it out

After your first draft is complete, it’s time to start with proofreading. Carefully read every sentence of your content and look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Step 2: Focus on the flow

Read the sentences out loud and rephrase any text that doesn’t sound good. Look out for lengthy sentences and try to divide the information into multiple sentences if possible. Check for any redundancy and grammatical errors.

Step 3: Focus on content division

Go through the structure of each paragraph to reorganize any piece of information. Make sure that the first line of the paragraph contains the core information about what you are trying to say. Information needs to be presented in proper order. Align your paragraphs with the flow of information.

Step 4: Check text structure

Check that the headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and lists are in logical order. You might also need to conduct a series of tests to find out how your content looks on the web page. Eliminate any problems like content overlapping, wrong font color, small font size, misplaced CTA, or anything else that might ruin the reading experience. Use an SEO copywriting template to ensure that all necessary aspects of your content are covered.

Step 5: Get feedback

After you have invested hours in SEO copywriting, it is time to get the verdict. Ask for feedback from your colleagues or someone who understands SEO writing. You can also ask for the opinion of people who are interested in your content topic or belong to the same industry. Getting feedback from someone else allows you to see the content from the reader’s perspective and help you find out the defects that you might have ignored before.

SEO copywriting Tools

There are a lot of tools available to make the process of SEO copywriting easy. Here we are discussing the top 10 tools that are commonly used for SEO copywriting services:

1. Google keyword planner

Keywords are an important aspect of Google search and they are the primary means of bringing a user from a search engine to your website. Google keyword planner tool allows you to find out new keyboard ideas related to a particular topic. You can easily work with multiple keyword ideas and identify search queries that are commonly used by people. You can also find out search traffic, average search volumes, user demographics, and a lot more with this tool. Google keyword planner is free to use.

Google Keyword Planner

2.    Keyword Density Checker

The keyword density checker tool allows you to maintain the balance of keyword to content ratio on your web pages. It is not ideal to stuff your content with a lot of keywords because it can negatively affect your web page ranking. On the other hand, having very little keyword repetition in the content might affect the ranking of the webpage. We as a SEO experts recommend 2-3% keyword availability in the content. It can be a tedious task to monitor keyword repetition in your content so this tool allows you to manage the repetition effortlessly and make your content more readable for your audience.

3.    Free SEO Optimization Tool

This SEO optimization tool allows you to analyze your content from the perspective of a search engine. It will help you identify the metadata, internal links, HTML structure, keyword density, keyword optimization, and a lot of other aspects of SEO. Having an SEO test is necessary before bringing your webpage live in front of your audience. This tool will allow you to rectify any errors that might affect your SEO plan. This tool provides great SEO tips for copywriting.

4.    SpyFu

As we have discussed before, keeping an eye on your competitors is important to win the never-ending race of SEO. SpyFu helps you to find out what your competitors are doing. It will provide you information like their most successful keywords, backlinks, ad history, etc. This data can help you to determine your SEO copywriting strategy to gain more user interaction and business to your website. 

5.    Google AdWords

Google AdWords a prominent paid marketing platform to provide instant interaction to your audience on desired keywords. The process of SEO can take a significant amount of time to claim better rankings in search results but with the help of Google AdWords, we can instantly bring the website to top search results by paying a little amount of money. You can easily manage the budget, audience, demographics, ad type, ad placement, etc with the help of this tool.


Thesaurus helps you to find synonyms and antonyms of any world which provides a more meaningful and readable effect on your web content. It also helps you to remove the repetition of similar words to retain the reader’s interest. Instead of using the word ‘keep’, we chose ‘retain’ in the previous sentence.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs allows you to edit your text document online. It can be accessed easily from anywhere and from any device. Google docs is a great tool for SEO copywriting because it allows the contribution of different people in a single document to make the task easier. It provides all the text formatting options like MS word and can be shared instantly with anyone for proofreading or editing purposes. Saints multiple writers can contribute on one document only, it eliminates the redundancy and necessity to save the document multiple times. You can easily insert your SEO copywriting template in Google Docs.

8. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you to rectify grammar and writing errors in your content. It is a great tool for proofreading and improves the clarity of content. Not only it eliminates the writing errors, but it will also suggest you phrase replacements and sentence rewriting to make your content more engaging for your audience. It is a great tool to ease the process of SEO copywriting for beginners by highlighting the errors and recommending changes.

9. Hemingway editor

Named after a classic American author, Ernest Hemingway, this online tool allows you to create precise, bold, and clear sentences. This tool highlights lengthy sentences, common errors, and complex structure which makes it hard to understand the context of the content. It will help you choose phrases with simpler alternatives, minimize passive voice in your sentences, adverb usage, and a lot more. This tool will also provide you with information like the number of characters, letters, word count, reading duration, etc. SEO copywriting service providers use this tool commonly to create a crisp and bold content copy.

10. Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Last but not the least, Google search console plays a prominent role in SEO copywriting. It helps you to find out the crawl errors, broken links, indexed URLs, and countless other features to improve your website search performance. On the other hand, Google Analytics helps you to figure out the audience behavior and page performance to analyze how users are interacting with your website.

Storytelling as a tool for SEO copywriting

While answering the question of what is SEO copywriting, we have discussed a lot of technical approaches and factors that contribute to SEO and user engagement. You have gained knowledge about creating qualitative and compelling content for satisfying search intents. Let’s discuss a different aspect of SEO copywriting.

Storytelling as a tool to SEO Copywriting
Storytelling as a tool to SEO Copywriting

From the very beginning, we are reading stories. Either it’s part of our education or entertainment, we all love a good story. Storytelling is a great way to share your content with your audience and keep them engaged with your personal experience. The power of a good story can be used in creating a compelling copy of your SEO content.

Building a story for your product, service, or blog can bring more clarity to a reader and have them remember it.

For example, if you are writing a blog about home decor, you can introduce your personal experience about how you created the home of your dreams. You can bring out the home decor tips that you want to share with your audience as a part of a unique experience in your journey of homebuilding. This will strengthen the connection between your content and readers. A lot of SEO copywriting service professionals follow this approach of storytelling to connect with users.

Pro tip: Create Easy to Read and Organized Content

As we have discussed numerous times before, content plays an important role in the search ranking of a website and user interaction. Having good quality content with smooth text flow and ease of readability also contributes to the search engine ranking. Having a lot of complex words and hard-to-understand sentences can reduce the interest of your visitor which can negatively impact your ranking. It’s good to have a proper command vocabulary but you need to ensure that the words you use are easily understandable by your audience.

Create Readable content for SEO Copywriting
Create Readable content for SEO Copywriting

You will find it hard to believe but a majority of the United States population reads below 8th-grade reading level. It does not mean that they are not capable of understanding complex words and sentences but they are not willing to go through all that complexity while browsing for some information online. Having hard-to-read content will reduce its sharing, back-linking, conversion, and lead generation. SEO copywriting service is all about creating content that can appeal to your audience. Let’s have a look at a few things which help you to create more readable content.

Good structure

Having a good structure and segmented content reflects well for both users and search engines. The incorporation of proper headlines with heading tags will allow you to optimize the keywords easily and provide a meaningful structure to the content. Articles with proper headings and subheadings are proven to perform better in terms of gaining traffic, shares, and backlinks.

Short and descriptive headlines

No matter how hard you work on creating your website content, a lot of users are not going to read every part of it. People are always in a hurry while reading something on the internet. It will be a good strategy to provide answers for their search intent in the headlines so they can develop an interest in the content of the following paragraphs. You can provide the answers for the queries they are looking for and provide an elaboration in the subtext.

Clean and precise paragraph

You need to make sure that the content you are sharing with your audience is clean and understood easily. Try to start with short opening messages with key information. Having lengthy and complex sentences will reduce your audience’s interest.

Breakdown to points

You can break down your long paragraphs into a list with bullet points or numbers. This will provide an easy-to-read structure to the reader.

Keep sentences short

Writing short sentences will allow a reader to understand your content more easily. You can distribute huge chunks of information into a series of short sentences to make them more readable.

Cover subtopics precisely

Bifurcate your content in multiple paragraphs and lists but keep the flow of information meaningful and cover all the subtopics related to the subject in the content. Distribute the subtopics based on keyword priority and logical order to create a meaningful structure for the reader

Keep your vocabulary simple

Avoid using any difficult-to-understand words. Having complicated or not so commonly used words can create a sense of confusion for your readers. Try to make your content as easy as possible to read and educate your readers if there is some complex terminology included.

SEO copywriting for Multilingual Sites

Copywriting for Multilingual Sites
Copywriting for Multilingual Sites

SEO copywriting for beginners can be a bit difficult but SEO writing in multiple languages can be troublesome. If you are trying to reach out to audiences in multiple regions, you need to overcome the language barrier to connect with them in a better manner and reduce confusion and conflicts. You can reach out to SEO copywriting service providers to help you with your content translation needs.

Having a proper translation is a crucial element to promote your website in a particular region because words and phrases can impart a different meaning in different languages. There are a lot of online tools available to help you with the translation. But there is a risk of the improper outcome of the translated content with these automated translators.

If you are looking for SEO tips for copywriting in multiple languages, you will find that hiring a local translator is your best bet. SEO copywriting in another language can be done with the most accuracy by professional writers. Or you can translate it with the help of online translators or some other tool and get it proofread by your local team to eliminate any scope of error. Although it is a very time-consuming process, it will help you interact with a wider segment of the audience.

Importance of CTA (Call to Action) in your copy

Copywriting in SEO serves one clear goal – to create readers into customers. The process of SEO can bring users from search engines to your website following their search queries. The content of your website determines the conversion of that user to become a customer.

We have discussed search intent previously in this article. It is important to assess the intentions of a user with the content you have created.

Having a proper call to action to convert those intents into business is one unavoidable aspect of internet marketing. 

Let’s suppose that you have invested endless hours in creating the best copy for your SEO and you manage to keep your audience interested in your content. It’s all good but how are you going to make any meaningful transaction from it like making a user subscribe, buy, sign up, or anything else that you were trying so hard to achieve from your SEO copywriting.

CTA for Coversion
CTA for Coversion

This is where the call to action comes in handy. Having proper CTA’s improves your conversion rate as well as the return on investment. This can also improve page views, page redirects, reduce bounce rate and create content authority.

You can also incorporate multiple CTA’s in your copy. Having the CTA after the opening paragraph or few lines can improve the conversion because it is a great possibility that the user might not scroll through the entire page.

SEO Copywriting Template Example

Now we have discussed all the contributing parameters of SEO copywriting, it is time to bring your plan into action. Since there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration for SEO writing, it is beneficial to use a template that will help you move step by step ahead in your SEO copywriting process. We will discuss this with the help of SEO copywriting examples at every step to help you understand this process in a better way. It is advisable to use an SEO copywriting template to draft your content precisely. The example we take will be of an automobile repair shop.

  • Find Your Keyword(s): The process starts with the research on keywords that you need your website to be found on.
    Example: car repair shop, car service shop, car service in New York.
    In this SEO Copywriting example, we have researched to find out the most effective keywords with high traffic for the car repair business.

  • Understand the intent: Try to figure out what are the intentions of your audience with your content and align it with your keywords for a better search presence.
    Example: Car Repairing, buying spare parts.

  • Find your target audience: It is essential to understand who you are writing for. Your readers can vary on a series of factors like age, location, gender, profession, etc. Selling hairpins is not the same as selling airline tickets. You need to develop your content strategy in accordance with the consumer base you are trying to reach. Example: Free pick up and drop service in New York City. (Location-based audience)
  • Create user engagement: Develop a strategy to create content that will drive users towards actions. Build a strategy or formula to influence readers to engage with CTA’s.
    Example: sign up now and get a 10% discount on your next service.

  • Write down what you have to mention: Put down all the information you want to mention on your webpage and also do research to find out any additional aspects of it.
    Example: highlight brand of cars you service, roadside assistance, pick up and drop, insurance claim repairs, etc.

  • Find out what you are missing: It’s alright if you don’t know everything about the topic of your SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting can be a tedious task when it comes to different niches of the industry. Find out what you don’t know but need to include in your SEO writing. Have a look at your competitors’ websites to figure out the same.

  • Write down what you know: The process of SEO copywriting doesn’t need to start with you creating long meaningful sentences. Write down all the pieces of information you have in headings, phrases, or sentences so that you can have some base to work on with.

  • Develop an organized structure: Write down all your research findings in chronological order. Start the topic with the primary keyword and create headings, subheadings, bullet points, etc following the information flow.
  • Start writing: After setting up the blueprint for your SEO copywriting, start writing down the content. Have a look below at the copy of this SEO copywriting example for the car repair business. You can make necessary changes in the SEO copywriting template as per your content structure but you need to include certain aspects in your copy which are mentioned below.
Meta Data
Title Tag Authorized car repair and service in New York | XYZ cars
Meta Description Get your car repair and service done easily with XYZ cars. Best car service shop in New York.
Keyword Data
Primary Keyword Car repair
LSI Keywords Car service, car maintenance, car general service
Search Intent  Commercial intent – book car service
On-Page Copy
Headline Affordable Car Service in New York
Intro We offer quality car service with years of expertise
Body Whether you’re coming in for general service of your car or damage repair, we promise that you will be completely satisfied with car repair works. We provide a best-in-class warranty and discount benefits on spare parts with all of our service packages for your peace of mind.
CTA Book your car service now


SEO copywriting is a technical and creative process that can drive user engagement toward your website which depends greatly on the content relevancy and search engine algorithms. It is necessary to follow the procedure in a defined manner to create robust copy for your website and improve user experience and interaction. SEO writing cannot be perfected instantly but it will improve with time. You can always reach out to professional writers to avail of SEO copywriting service but with a little bit of effort and patience, you can master the art of SEO copywriting by yourself.