Thin Content and how to avoid it

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Thin Content-Important Aspects To Know About


Suppose you have optimized your content on search engine optimization. Now there are more absolute chances for you to rank for your keywords. But what about the condition when it didn’t happen! What if you can’t get able to explore your content anywhere! We will try to answer such types of questions and things related to it.

Thin Content

Thin content refers to content that persist little or no value to the user. The search engine, Google considers low-quality affiliate pages, doorway pages, or simply pages with little or no content in the form of thin content pages. In the year 2011, Google rolled out an update to its search algorithm known as Panda, which was the first in a succession of algorithm updates aspired to penalize low-quality websites in search and developing the quality of their search results.

How much amount of word is interpreted as Thin Content

There is no such Word count to be interpreted as Thin Content but standard practises say that your page should contain atleast 300 words to avoid the penalty of Thin Content

Google Panda Algorithm For Thin Content

Google Panda Algorithm was developed to get rid of Low quality pages. The algorithm main aim was to identifying thin content and penalizing websites having duplicate content, low quality content. Content on your website is the queen and Google Panda algorithm respects that.

Content including no value or not having unique content is punished by Google. Content issues are one of the major issues prevailing on the Google. So google tries every step to avoid that and improve the user experience

Google Panda have updated more than 25 times after getting launched. So you can think how much efforts Google put to avoid thin content.

thin content and how to avoid it
Thin content and how to avoid it

Issues & Effects

Thin content can provide a serious impact on SEO. Being very honest, there is no genuine shortcut to achieve SEO rankings in an easier way. You will have to produce lots of high quality along with original content. Stability is considered as one of the biggest benefits of SEO. The more you’ll try to keep away from thin content; it will be beneficial in the correct sense. Avoiding thin content will be helpful to get rid away from the effects of Google’s constant Panda algorithm updates. Even if your site contains high quality along with engaging content, the ranking will be improved when Google squashes its next update aspired at penalizing thin sites.

For entrepreneurs, Google tries to evaluate the quality of a single webpage. Things that are taken into account by them are how many pages of good quality are comprised in their index from the same website. That’s why; having a website containing numerous thin content pages reduces the page rank as well as Google trust. Also, if you want to rank high in Google, it is crucial to have great content which satisfies the search intent. Anything less than that will not provide a position to the initial pages of Google, no matter how many and what tricks a person tries to deceive their algorithms.

Google Penalty For Thin Content

One of the major steps to improve the ranking of your site in the Google search results is to make sure that it holds ample amount of rich information that contains relevant keywords, implemented appropriately and simply indicates the subject matter of the content. Though some webmasters attempt to advance the ranking of their pages and attract the audience by forming pages with many words but less or no authentic content. Google takes an action against such domains who attempt to rank more highly by displaying scraped or other cookie-cutter pages which don’t add considerable value to the users.

When a person gets a Google penalty, it becomes crucial to take advice from professional SEO agencies to diagnose the problem, remove the penalty and work with you to restore the situation. All manual Google penalties ask for submitting a reconsideration request for any chance of full recovery.

Affiliate Marketing Tip To Solve Thin Content

* In order to overcome thin content to dominate the niche market, it is important to initiate with the shortest content. Many difficult tasks are supposed to get easier when we break them down into component tasks. Even product descriptions contain enormous potential as they are among the last things which the visitors read before deciding whether to make purchases. Since search engines like Google favour organic content which precisely reflects what humans search for. Initiating here can assist in aligning the e-commerce content along with SEO practices.

* Another aspect is to develop a business blog. Blogging is considered as one of the ideal ways to tie business products and themes together. Blogs are helpful in providing useful information which establishes the individual as a reliable authority. Doesn’t matter the customer is not buying your products right away, at least they have come to view your site as more trustworthy might dominate their purchase choices down the line. Try to enrich your blogs with new information into ongoing content strategies. They are supposed to be longer-format content and naturally support storytelling and themed writing, so a person can create narratives and point users on more exciting journeys.

* Poor writing leads to weakening the content. Like bad grammar not only leaves a negative impression, it also becomes harder for people to read about what they want, and when there come peculiarities in reading something from the initial point to the end, readers will be less likely to finish the voyage. The hard work being put into the content will result into a complete waste in the end. That’s why try to enrich the content that contains good grammar, spelling and correct formatting to make your information easier to absorb.

* Taking help from Meta description is helpful as an honest source of feedback.

* Try to publish a post that is explanatory, humorous and informative. Along with that, it must provide some other kind of value to the readers.

Thin Content Checker Tool

Different ways have been provided by modern technology to discover thin content like the level of words, value, and duplication, etc. With the help of Copyscape and, a person gets able to crawl the web to search for any content which has been copied from your domain along with any content that might have been inserted to their own site over the years copied from external sites. Grammarly is another app that will assist you in detecting writing mistakes. Only you need to enter your content and its premium feature will function as a plagiarism checker as well as a proof-reader. With the help of proof-reader, there will be chances for you to make the content more reader-friendly and plagiarism checker will try to cross-check the content against numerous web pages and will let you know if there is a presence of plagiarized content.

 SEOPressor is also there to help you at the time of the writing process. If there is an endeavour to rewrite, expand or replace the thin content, you can try this tool. It will also assist you in keeping the content length, keywords to content ratio along with readability ideal. A free version of SEOPressor named as Content SEO Checker is also there. It proves to be more sufficient if a person wants to compose the content from scratch.

Ideas Of Solving Thin Content

The initial stage of solving thin content is to understand what value-enhancing and high-quality content look like in the first place. After that, the implementation of unique data to provide user meaning is beneficial. Some other things include responsive design and supportive universal access to information, mixed content types and segmentation of content for simple understanding and skim reading, the ability for the user to connect with the content and work with it to generate new value. Along with these things, purposeful content is regarded as a key factor for truly important content formation.

Ideas To Avoid Thin Content

One of your goals must be providing a great impression to Google that the content provided from your side is unique and rich. There are different types of thin content checker tools available in the world of web. You can take help from them as well.

Thin Content Infographic
Thin Content Infographic