The importance of content in the ranking of a website

Importance of Content Marketing in Ranking a Website

The ways things have changed, online marketing has taken the throne. Increasing the organic search visibility and rankings is the ultimate goal of the businesses. To get more traffic and to build a strong online presence one needs to have the optimized content on their websites and web pages.

SEO and content

Some marketers consider SEO and content two different strategies but if you ask any India’s best SEO Expert the truth lies far away from this. These two strategies are interconnected and complement each other and give fruitful results when executed with a strategic plan.

Content quality is the major tool that can catapult any website to get higher rankings with the SERP. But this happens when the content quality is at its best. Because the worst quality of content can lead to the penalties by Google or any other search engine. And these are something that cannot be recovered. So, one has to make sure that they use the right kind of content to get the higher rankings.

This article covers all the major reasons why content is important for the higher rankings. Read the article completely and devise better content strategies for your SEO and digital marketing practices. As we dive in with the article, you will have a better understanding of the content, SEO, and their values and interrelation. Let us get started with the article and learn the importance of content in SEO.

What is content

The word content holds the whole power in digital marketing strategies. Providing a definition of SEO that is up to the mark and is in consent to all the marketers is something impossible. Though this is a challenge to define the content technically, Top Rank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden has tried to define this incredible word content that is much relatable.

As per Lee, the content is described as the high quality of a useful piece of information that imparts a story presented in a contextually relevant manner with an objective of the call for emotion or engagement. The mode of delivery for the content can be any of the live or asynchronous or can be made of any format that includes the text, images, audio, video r any other form of presentations. It is not the time now where content improvisation through tools work using any Black Hat SEO Technique.

However, the description of the content is much relatable and close enough to the point, but it is important to know that the content that is found online is not high-quality content always. There are bad content always available that do not have any relevancy and usefulness to the reader. if you are using duplicate content, thin content or spinned content than even the best SEO Expert in India cant help you.

What is the SEO value of content?

SEO is all about the optimization of a website that means that content holds an important place for this. So What are the successful methods of SEO now? Obviously Content and Links.

With billions of searches being made every day, it becomes important for the businesses to rank the first position in the SERP. As Google algorithms changing every day in order to deliver useful and relevant information to the users within a fraction of seconds, the content plays a crucial role.

These useful and relevant results are the pieces of the content that are available all over the web. These pieces of information are ranked as per the order of their usefulness and the relevancy for the users that are performing the search.

So, in order to get found over the internet, it is important for your content to have the SEO value.

But how can you make sure that your content is beneficial to users? Well, do not worry, Google has an answer to this as well.

Why to optimize the content?

Well, you might have heard that optimization of content is required and important but have you ever wondered why is this so?

The very simple answer to this question is that you would not rank in the rankings without optimized content.

But this is not only that one needs to understand, but content also plays a lot of other important roles as well. One needs to understand the multiple factors in the play.

For the one side, you have content creation.

Optimizing the content while it is being created is much easier as one has just to ensure that the content is audience-centric and follows some recommendations of the good quality of content.

With the term audience-centric, it means that the writer is focusing on what the audiences want to hear rather than about what companies want to talk about.

While on the second side, there is the optimization equation that is the technical stuff. This involves a lot of factors like the URLs, keywords, and meta descriptions.

Let us get to know the benefits of the content in relation to the SEO

  • Quality content helps in the generation of the CTR– CTR is one of the important factors as considered for the ranking of the websites. Thus, the more clicks you get on the links, this means that you are going to have better rankings on the search engines.
  • Helps you to generate the backlinks– One of the best strategies that are used by the SEO is to gain the high quality of backlinks. These are obtained from high authority websites. Google considers the high quality of links as an important factor of credibility and trust. The more the quality of backlinks you are going to have, you are more likely to rank higher on Google.
  • Incorporation of keywords– A good quality of content helps to use the keywords strategically. Thus, with the right keyword strategy, it becomes easier for businesses to compete with their competitors.
  • Great user experience– The various strategies used by the SEO involves the backlink generation, blog posts, and using the keywords. All these practices help the users to navigate easily through the website and provide them with a better experience.

Why to give content the priority for the SEO?

If you are using the SEO and thinking of implementing the best strategies for your business, then it is important that you take care of the content strategies. With the right kind of content, you can give a boost to the content strategies. With the right content strategy, you have got the foundation to the support for your SEO efforts.

How content can help to get higher rankings?

Content plays an important role in the ranking of the videos. Here is how to make the websites rank higher in the SERP

  • Quality– Provide your users and readers with quality content is the major strategy that one should focus on. This will compel the customers to stay on your page, build familiarity and trust with the customers. The word high-quality content varies from industry to industry and per the requirement of the businesses. You can use Google tools to know if you have the quality content or not. When you are creating the content, make sure that the informative content is accurate, medical content is in-depth and the artistic content is unique and original. This is not a place to skimp so make sure that the content is the foundation of the SEO.
  • Research– Research of the keywords is another important thing for SEO. Once you have created the good content, fill in the right keywords. Create the content that gives the answers to the people what they have been searching for. Right keyword research is also required to get the higher rankings. It is important that you as a business owner understand the language of the customers. This makes your content and SEO strategy more relatable and relevant to what your users are searching for.
  • Keywords– It is important that your content is embedded with the right quality of the keywords. Simply, it can be considered to get your webpage found on the top results and it is important to have the relevant content with proper keyword indexing. Excessive indexing of the keywords to get the downfall in the ranking of the website as well.
  • Freshness– Users are attracted to the content that is fresh and unique and provides them the value. With plagiarised content, there are high chances of the degradation in the rankings of the website. Therefore, it is important to know that you use the right quality of the keywords.
  • Multimedia– To get higher rankings, multimedia content plays an important role. Though the text is always the ruling format but still you have to provide the added exposure to other formats of content as well.


To come to an end, it becomes clear that the content is a much important element for SEO. Not only SEO, but the content is also the king of all the digital advertising techniques. If you wish to get your website at the high ranking in SERP, then it is important for you to the right content strategy. Content quality is a must that has to be maintained. The right content will get in more traffic and more leads. Also, the content gives a contribution to the conversions and the ROI of a business. Make the content your power and strengthen your SEO techniques. Find the right SEO tool which can give you the best related term of your industry and try to design content around that.