What makes SEO so important in Digital Marketing Strategies


With everything becoming online and digital, marketing has also transferred to the same platform. Digital marketing is the new trend that has been into living from the last few years. With the ongoing trends of digital marketing, it has become important for the business to hire a SEO Consultant to shift their business and marketing strategies from offline and traditional means to the online platform. If you know a little bit about digital marketing, then you must be familiar with the terms like SEO and SERP. If you are a fresher to the field and have no idea about SEO and how it can be useful to your strategy, then here is this article that will give you the brief of the SEO and the importance that it holds. Know more about the SEO and benefits of your digital marketing strategy with this article.

What is SEO

What is SEO and its importance? SEO stands for search engine optimization that refers to all the techniques that optimize a website and helps a website so that it gets a higher ranking for the desired keyword. Even local SEO has proved to be a successful strategy for local businesses. A business owner in a particular area or state would like to appear first in the searches if someone searches about the business in that area. SEO thus, helps your business to get the highest-ranking and the high traffic to the business.

SEO is one of the most important components of any of the online and digital marketing strategies. Most of the businesses fail to implement the right SEO and to optimally utilize the benefits of the SEO strategies for their digital marketing techniques. As per the study conducted in July 2018, it was found that 44% of the businesses invested in the SEO. This could be because most of the people are looking for Social media advertising rather than Google only. Though there is no denying fact that social media marketing is important SEO should never be but on the back burner.

Moz revealed in its study that more than 70% of the searches on the search engine results page are on the first website. This simply means that the people are clicking on the website that they see first on the search result pages. Getting the first rank is what the SEO helps in. Let us get digger into the basics of SEO and know how this can be important for your digital marketing strategy.

Myths and misconceptions about SEO

Before moving forward into the deeper insights of the SEO, let us get to know about some of the misconceptions about SEO. People and companies have a lot of misleading about SEO.

  • Outdated and not worthed technique
  • Shady
  • Doesn’t work

And there can be many more misconceptions and a lot of sayings about SEO. There are a lot of reasons for these misconceptions that have occurred because of the actions taken in the past. When the SEO was first developed and came into existence, people started using shady techniques that are known as the Black hat SEO techniques.

Earlier the businesses were free from any restrictions and they can use any trick to get better rankings. Excessive keyword stuffing with irrelevant content was also placed on the web pages that get the first rankings for their businesses. Due to this, the first pages of the SERP were either irrelevant, spam, or both. All these circumstances lead to the Google penalties and the term white hat SEO practices came into the introduction. To get to the first rank, some of the tricks and irrelevant techniques were not effective then. Now the search engines implemented the proper algorithm for the ranking of the websites on the SERP. Now, to get better rankings and a successful strategy, one needs to have a fully planned and devised SEO strategy. Whether it is driving traffic through Quora or any other link building strategy, one has to plan early for the same.

Why people call SEO a not working practice

You might have heard from some people that SEO doesn’t work. The major thing is that the SEO takes time to give the results and businesses become impatient when they invest in the SEO services. To get the result with the SEO, you must be clear with two things – time and quality. Using the best SEO tactics and tools in 2020 we can still get awesome results. SEO doesn’t happen overnight and good white hat SEO techniques take at least 6 months or more to get your website to the top rankings in the search results. The other reason could be not choosing an expert. Always find a good SEO company that has proven track records and are transparent about their practices.

Why do you need SEO for your business

Now since you have learned about the common misconceptions and the misunderstandings of the SEO techniques, let us dive into the benefits that SEO holds for your firm.

In the 21st century, as everything is getting digital, it has become important for businesses to make a strong online presence for their brand. As per the ongoing trends of digital marketing, it is obvious to predict that digital marketing will take over traditional marketing soon and the SEO will be more in use.

Here we have provided some of the reasons to know why SEO is an important strategy for your marketing strategy in 2020:

  • Bring traffic and leads– SEO helps to get traffic to your website. It will help your website to rank higher on the SERP for the relevant keywords related to your business. For this, it is important to use the right words and to place the keywords properly. For example, if you have a cake shop in a city named X, then your SEO can help you to get the first rank for the search results like cakes in X. This will bring into the web traffic that is interested in your business.

This will improve brand recognition and more customer leads to your business. Increased traffic will increase the number of leads. The best part for the SEO is that it can demographically target the audience for your business and make the prospects into the leads for your business.

  • Increase visits and sales– As per the Google results, 50% of the people who have made the searches for a particular business, they have visited the store on the very same day. SEO helps to bring the customers physically to your door.

When you optimize your business and web pages for some particular keywords, then it becomes easier for potential customers to find your address, phone numbers, and the complete details about your business. This helps the customers to easily locate a business get to know about a business in detail easily.

  • Improve PPC– If you are a PPC Specialist and using PPC or the paid searches for your marketing campaigns, then you must be knowing about the quality score that affects your campaign. A higher quality score can help in the reduced cost of the CPC and helps your ads to perform better. Thus, making your advertising campaigns more effective and attractive.

When you use the SEO techniques for optimizing your website, then you can improve the quality score of your website and the PPC campaigns. Thus, PPC and SEO work hand in hand. Not only PPC, but SEO also works with other digital marketing strategies as well. According to the study from Google, 50% of the traffic is increased for any website if they team up the SEO and search engine advertising. Brand awareness and retargeting efforts are also increased with the implementation of the SEO techniques.

  • Increases trust and credibility– Just ask yourself how often you have looked for the page no 3 or 4 in the SERP. The answers would be probably not very often. If a customer is searching for a particular service or a product using a relevant keyword, then they may send the red flags up if they do not rank in the top positions for the SERP.

When a website ranks higher, it creates a sense of credibility and consumers are more likely to trust business as compared to the other websites and businesses offering them.

  • People research online before making a purchase– A lot of studies have revealed that the consumers now have become smart consumers before they make any purchase for the products. A study has revealed that roughly 82% of the customers research the product before making the final purchase. Almost 45% of the users go for online reviews and then make the purchasing decisions. SEO makes it easier for a business to get searched by a customer. With the SEO services, you are easily discoverable and can win the hearts of the people without reaching out to them physically.
  • Pocket friendly- As compared to the other digital marketing strategies, SEO is the most economical and cost-effective strategy. The results of SEO take time to get visualized but a good SEO strategy gives you high ROI and increased brand awareness that is required for every business in the long run of your business.


With lots of advantages and benefits that it offers, SEO is a must to have part of any business strategy. If you have still not included the SEO as your business strategy, then you should change your marketing strategy now. More and more the SEO is becoming an important factor for the overall success of digital marketing. Google is always changing the algorithm for the rankings of a website and SEO is a system that is going to stay forward. It is therefore necessary for any SEO Specialist to remain updated. All these considerations make SEO a great element for digital marketing strategies. Also, you can begin your journey of SEO whenever you want and start reaping the benefits of increased business when your website starts to rank in the top results of search engine.