List of Best SEO tools in 2020 to Rank Your Website


To drive in more traffic, SEO is the most used and most powerful practice. Mastering the SEO skills can be a bit hard but it’s not impossible. For the beginners, it takes time, hard work, and a lot of effort to attain the pro level for SEO practices. Although it is a difficult task, the SEO analysts are happy to have some tools in their pockets that help them to achieve the A grade skills in SEO.

Here, in this blog, we have compiled the list of top SEO tools that are generally used by SEO experts over the world. Do not worry, we have compiled both paid and unpaid tools, for which you don’t need to try all of them. These tools are going to work great in 2020 and you have just to make a wiser choice.

Lets us get started with exploring the tools for SEO that will make a boom to your marketing strategy:

  1. Aherfs – SEO keyword Tool: When we talk about the strong SEO tools, Ahref is surely one of them. The tool holds the just position after Google in being one of the largest website crawlers. This can be one of the best SEO analysis tools around yet, as this comes with some strong and amazing features that help you to rank your website higher. The tool will highlight the part of the website that needs to be improved. Yet another striking feature of the tool is that it will help you to determine the competitor’s backlinks and then you can use them as your initiating point.

  1. Google search console: This is the tool that is offered for free of costs to every website. With this tool, a user can monitor and report for your website’s presence on Google SERP. Simply verify your website by using Google Analytics and you can then submit your sitemap for indexing. The best part of using the Google search console is that you can visualize how Google and viewers see your website. Thus, you can optimize your website according to the statistics that you got and get the higher ranks in SERP.
Google Search Console

  1. SEMRush – marketing SEO tools: The tool is the fan-favorite tool in the SEO community and this helps you to access your SEO rankings easily. The tool is known for the amazing feature of domain vs domain analysis that it offers to the users and with this feature you can easily compare your website to the competitor’s website. With an on-page SEO checker tool, you can easily get to know about the rankings as well as will get some recommendations for the improvisation of performance.

  1. KWFinder – SEO keyword tool: A much popular SEO tool that helps to find in the long tail keywords with reduced competition. This tool helps the experts to get the best analysis of the keywords and you get the backlinks reports as well. In addition to this, this tool will load you with unique keyword ideas that will rank your website much higher in SERP.

  1. Moz SEO software: Most commonly used tool that is used by the experts as this tool is always up to date with the advancements being every day. This powerful tool gives you all that you look for. From keyword analysis to site crawling, it can easily handle all and help you in managing parameters using which you can easily rank your website. Along with all this, it gives you the suggestions for the website improvisations and optimization. With the Moz toolbar that is free of cost, you can keep an eye on your store’s metrics while browsing on any page.

  1. Ubersuggest – Keyword tracking Tool: This amazing tool lets you find the keywords and identify the keywords with the search intent behind them. With lots of suggestions available for your help, you can get the right combinations of the long and short phrases to be used on your website. A wide range of metrics including CPC, seasonal trends, and much more makes it a worthy choice. The tool is definitely great for both Organic and paid PPC teams.

  1. Varvy SEO tool: One can call this the cool tool for SEO as you can get access to the data that you might be getting with the other tools. Along with that, it has other major facets like rank tracking, keyword analysis, SEO audit, and viral content research, etc. So, this can be a really helpful tool for the SEO analyst. The best part is mobile-friendliness, missing alt text and robots.txt analysis is also available with this.
Varvy SEO Tool

  1. Siteliner: This SEO tool is great when used optimally in the right way. The tool will scan your complete website and look for the SEO problems. The amazing feature that this offers is the best and deep analysis and comparison of the competitors. With this, you can find out about the loading speed, page size, and other important information for the SEO enhancements.

  1. Dareboost: This cannot be considered as the strict SEO tool, but yet can be much helpful to drive in powerful SEO results. It has both a direct and indirect impact on SEO. It lets you know about the loading speed and the security aspects of your website. The best part is that you can set your priorities and give you the roadmap with your strategy. Thus, you can use this tool for quite strong SEO practices.

  1. Bing Webmaster Tools: This is similar to the Google search console. The only difference is that this one is for Bing, which is owned by Microsoft. For indexing and crawling your websites in bing, you have to use the Bing webmaster tool for sure. The features that this offers to the users is the keyword ideas, analysis and the major thing to concentrate on is that the data from bing is for the organic search only. So, one cannot use this data for the PPC and paid AdWords.
Bing Webmaster Tool

  1. SEO spider – This is another effective web crawler that provides some limited features for the free version. The most amazing and attractive feature of the SEO spider is that it can perform the URL search quickly and crawl your website to look for the broken pages. Also, this helps you to find out the pages with the missing or duplicate title tags.
SEO Spider

  1. Majestic SEO tools – This is the royal tool that offers great praise from the SEO veterans. One of the oldest SEO tools that are still preferred by the people for the optimization of their websites. The tool can do a lot more things for your website including the backlinks and provides a huge amount of data. The expert and intelligent analysis help you to know the strong and weak points of your website. The experts mark the excellency the tool offers to the users.
Majestic SEO

  1. SEOquake: A free and most popular SEO toolbar extension that allows the multiple search engine parameters and their comparisons for other projects. This toolbar provides the various add on features and is a great tool for the SEO analysis of a website.
SEO Quake

  1. Answer the public: This is an outstanding tool that collects the data from different sources about your website. It looks for the questions that are asked on the forums, social media, and blogs, etc. These questions can be then converted into awesome keywords. The best part is that the tool provides the results of the queries as well and has a dedicated section of such keywords.

  1. Woorank’s SEO and Website Analysis tool: This is yet another important and powerful and handy chrome extension that helps you to get the overall SEO score. With this tool, you can easily improvise the site’s performance and go for the on-page and off-page SEO services. The best feature of this is that you can fix most of the problems with the help of the marketing checklist that it offers to its users.

  1. Animalz revives: With the help of this tool, you can easily find out about the older content on your site. You can then update, upgrade, or do both for the content on your website. The exciting feature for the tool is that it tells exactly you about the article that needs to be changed or the most attention on your page. Thus, with this tool, you can substantially improvise the content of your website and can get much higher ranks as the content is always the king.
Animalz Revive

  1. CanIRank: This is a much powerful and popular keyword difficulty tool that is free of cost and gives the user generic advice. Thus, it helps you to know whether a keyword will help you to rank or not on a website. The tools help you by providing you with the suggestions that can help you to rank for a specific term and this is the best part of the tool.
Can I Rank

  1. Seed keywords: One of the most reputed and powerful tools that find fresh keyword ideas for you. With this tool, you can quickly scan the search results and then get to know about the competition for a particular keyword. The tool is popularly used by the SEO experts to check for the competition among the keywords. Also, you can get a detailed analysis of the keyword search and other information that helps in the improvisation of your website for better rankings.
Seed Keywords

  1. SpyFu: Free SEO tools: The premium version of the Spyfu is very popular with SEO experts. The free features are also amazing that comes along with it. With this tool, you can easily have the proper analysis of your competitors and can get to know about the organic keywords and how many clicks are there on the organic keywords. This is one of the most detailed and comprehensive SEO tools in the market.

  1. Google Trends- SEO checker tool: This is something that has been in the industry but has not got much recognition. Not only it offers information about the keyword but it also offers great insight into the trends about a topic. If you aren’t sure about the keyword that you have been using, then this is the right one for you. Go for the tool and let your website get better rankings in the SERP.
Google Trends

  1. Fat rank- SEO tool: This extension helps to analyze the website performance in a very easy manner. The SEO keyword tool is a powerful one that can help you to know about the ranking of your keywords. It can show the ranking of any search query being made for a URL for the time duration you are on the URL. With accuracy and precision, one can get to know the website ranks and the areas that require improvements.

  1. Keyword everywhere – SEO keyword tool: A yet another powerful and strong chrome extension that is used by a large number of people. This aggregates the data from the various tools like Google Analytics and provides you with the best keyword results that will help your website to rank higher. This tool saves a lot of your time and you can get to know about the right keyword volume on Google. For the blogs, this is a perfect tool that helps you to create content that is mostly searched by the people.
Keyword Everywhere

  1. Screaming frog – SEO Tools Online: A tool that is considered as the best by the experts. The tool provides you with a lot of features like about the duplicate content, areas required for the improvement of link building and the bad redirections, etc. A complete SEO tool that provides some exciting features that one cannot find with other SEO tools. This helps you to prioritize the tasks and let you know which area requires improvement and which is the first thing that is required to be done.

  1. CORA: Advanced SEO tool: For the advanced features lookers, CORA is the perfect tool. You can get advanced features like the SEO site audit and you can have a better understanding of your website with the help of this tool. This tool amazingly compares the correlation data of the ranking factors by making a deep evaluation of the top 100 websites for a search term. With the deep analysis, it suggests the points where attention and changes are required and how the ongoing strategies can be strengthened.

  1. Serpstat: All in One SEO tool: Serpstat is one of the most known and growth hacking SEO tools that is used for a lot of purposes. It can serve multiple purposes for a user like solve the SEO tasks, analyze the competitors, and manage the team, etc. SEO experts generally call it an all in one tool that is used by the majority of the SEO community. The tool provides some unique features like the missing keyword features that help in the identification of keywords for your competitors that are in the top 10 rankings.

  1. Longtail PRO: To use this tool, you must not be an SEO master. It is a very easy tool that provides users with a simple interface and a straightforward approach to use. With this tool, you can get the tail keyword easily and not only keyword research and analysis, it provides a lot of other amazing features as well. This is also available with the online version as well.

  1. DeepCrawl: This is one of the favorite tools for SEO analysts. This provides the complete info and can crawl any website easily and gives accurate and precise information about the variety of topics. The segmented information provides better results to the users and this is an awesome tool that helps the users to track the technical issues with the website. Thus, helping the users to get the higher rankings for their website in the SERP.

  1. Link search tools: This can be considered as one of the best and amazing marketing tools that provides users with unique SEO features. The features like re crawling, validation of links, keyword analysis, competitor analysis, etc makes it a useful tool for the SEO purpose.

  1. Ontolo: If you are a beginner for SEO, then this is the right tool for your business. Not only the beginners, but the advanced and experts can get a lot of benefit from this tool. With this tool, you can get to know what to do that is required for the optimization of the website.

  1. Rank math: This is one of the arguably strong and powerful tools that make the WordPress SEO plugin easier. This is a tool that covers all the aspects from optimizing your page titles and the meta descriptions to the monitoring of errors and XML creation. This helps you to find the fresh content opportunities and with this plugin, you get all in one feature with more freedom.

The list of the SEO tools is not ending and these are some of the important and powerful tools of SEO that are mentioned above. These tools will help the users with better optimization of their websites. These SEO tools when used well will surely help you to get the desired results and the better rankings of your website on the SERP. Though these tools provide a much-helping hand one has to put in the effort as well. You will have to produce the content and write the descriptions in such a way that are beneficial to your niche.

We have compiled the tools that will improve the workflow and the workforce as well. By delivering better results, these tools are a real help to your website optimization. If we missed out on something, then let us know about this. Stay connected to us for more amazing updates regarding SEO and how to become a pro in SEO.

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