How to become an SEO Expert


Are you wishing for more traffic on your website? Do you wish that your website ranks higher on the Google search engine results? With higher rankings, you can get higher sales and more revenue for your business. Then remove all the rubbish and thin content from your website, optimize the site for search intent, get good links with the help of SEO, and an SEO expert.

SEO cannot be learned but is a skill that can be mastered by an individual with the passage of time on their own. It takes time for the professional to become proficient in their work and become an expert.

Every year, the demand for SEO experts has been increasing and the industry is getting popular.

What does an SEO expert actually mean?

Expert is not any degree for proficiency but rather is a relative term that is sometimes related to more experience. You always have to dig more into the depths and with every step, you will find something new. So, you learn each and every day. The more you learn, the more expert you get at this.

SEO Expert is generally a term used for people who know to do the website SEO and how to get the better ranks on search engines. There are various benefits of being an SEO. Just have a look at them before you learn how to become an SEO expert.

Increase the rankings and traffic to your website: If you are aware of the right approach and techniques, then you can get the advantages to form the search engines and can get better rankings with your search engine results. Whether it is link building, or blogger outreach or Marketing on Quora Platform you need to analyze and understand the trick carefully.

Fewer dependencies on SEO companies: If you yourself know how to do this effectively, then you won’t be dependent on any agency or any company for the SEO of your own business. You can grow the business without any external support.

Cost reduction: Being an SEO expert is the best choice for small business and solo bloggers, who have to always keep their websites on the top and have to manage the budgets as well. So, learn and implement on your own.

If you are a newbie in the SEO field, then this article is here for you to jump from newbie life to a pro-life of SEO professional.

Steps to become an SEO expert

So, are you now convinced with improving the SEO skills? Thinking of a better and faster way to be a master at them? Well, wait! It doesn’t happen with the blink of an eye. Yeah, this happens slowly and gradually and it will take time.

Learn how to be an SEO expert on your own. Be patient while learning this as this takes time but this ain’t impossible. Let us know the steps that will help you:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of search engine working
  2. Learn about the marketing concepts of the search engine
  3. Get to know the true SEO meaning
  4. Get the right training for SEO
  5. Keep updated for the SEO changes
  6. Choose the right set of tools
  7. Practice more and more
  8. Demonstrate
  9. Keep calm

Let’s learn all these things in details

Understand the basic concepts of search engine working

So, prior to SEO learning, it is important for us to familiarize ourselves with search engine working and concepts. Though if you are knowing this, it is always good to start with the basics when you are learning something.

When a search is made on Google, it shows all the pages that match the query searches. For a single keyword, there are millions of web pages. So, which one gets the rank first is decided on various factors by Google. No one knows the exact parameters on which the ranking is done. But the professionals have found the factors that can increase the rankings on Google and other search engines with deep study and experiments. Here are the major three factors that can help you to get the better ranking:

  • Relevancy
  • Authority
  • Utility

Learn about the marketing concepts of the search engine

Search engine marketing is a wide process. You must be knowing about this in detail and should learn all the disciplines not only SEO. This will let you know the difference between all of them and will guide you to use the right approach and do’s and don’ts for your SEO strategy.

Be clear in mind, what SEO will help you to get and what not. What is the possible area coverage for the SEO services and how can you make a presence stronger with the SEO.

Get to know the true SEO meaning

So, if you are into SEO, then you would be knowing the keyword analysis and the backlinking and all these. SEO is not about the links and keywords, but rather remaining updated with Google Algorithms and loopholes. Like in the last year in 2019 Google faced a bug known as Google Deindexing bug which deranked lot of sites. SEO is also about targeting the users and making them your customers. Hence, it is important for you to learn the major buckets of SEO.

SEO is not a single process but holds a lot of components. Let us learn them quickly

Keywords research: This is the major component of SEO. You have to look for the keyword that is searched by a larger number of audiences on the internet. You can use various tools for the same purpose. This will help you to target a larger number of audiences. So, choose the keywords that have the traffic potential, have business value, and aren’t too competitive. You can get the right tools with Google to find out the keywords that one is right for you.

On-page SEO practices: With these practices, you can easily attract more organic traffic from the search engines. The practices of the on-page SEO include the use of keyword notifiers in the title tags, attracting titles, and meta titles. Enticing and descriptive tags for the images and internal linking etc are also a part of it.

Link Building: This is the process by which you can get new backlinks from third party websites. You can get the boosted traffic and they can send the referral traffic to you as well. Google has also confirmed that Content and backlinks are the two major factor of Search Engine Rankings and mastering this trick is an sign of SEO Expert.

Technical SEO: It is important that your site is completely optimized. This will make it easier for crawling and indexing the website on a search engine. The technical SEO practices include reducing the page loading time, eradicating the broken links, preventing duplicate content, and much more. Learn about the technical SEO in detail and practice it on your website.

Get the right training for SEO

When you start learning SEO, you will get to know that there is yet more to discover and learn. Try to learn the best SEO Methods which are still working in 2020. At first, you will need some guidance that will help you to get the SEO done with the right approach and right techniques. With so many articles and guides on the internet, you will eventually end up with a mess. So try to get training for this as you can get better guidance with this.

Keep updated for the SEO changes

If you think that you have done a course and you have not to do anything else than this, then my friend you are wrong. SEO is a dynamic disciple that keeps on changing with every moment. You always have to keep yourself updated with the changes and the advancements in the field. Google changes its rules for rankings and algorithms regularly, and to be an expert, you must be knowing these changes with the immediate effect. This can be done by visiting the SEO websites regularly and get the information and keep yourself updated.

Choose the appropriate Tools

SEO requires thorough analysis and great practice. So, for that, you have to use some tools that will help you to make the right decisions. Without tools, you will always be spending your time playing around with the numbers that you could have utilized for better approaches and tactics and got better results. So, use the tools that are right for you. Google provides a range of tools that help you to improve your SEO skills as well.

Practice more and more

Yes, being theoretical will never let you achieve something. If you want to be the real expert, then practice as much as you can. With practice, you will learn the mistakes made, the outcomes of your actions and how you can do a thing with better results. Manage the SEO campaigns and definitely you will improve the exposure of your website with the search engine.

Demonstrate and share your knowledge

Sharing is the best means of learning and evolving. The more you share your knowledge, the more you get to learn about the subject. You won’t not only help the other people to learn about SEO but rather would be improving your own skills as well. To do this, you can start with your own personal blog where you can share your experiences with other people and let them know the difficulties faced. Also, you can make a better analysis of how you have evolved from a beginner to an expert.

Keep calm and wait for the things to show results

When you are learning about SEO, the most important thing to learn is to have patience. Yes, SEO takes time and you have to keep this thing in mind. Do not jump to the conclusions so soon. Sit back, analyze properly, and then make the move for your SEO strategy. With a single wrong approach, your whole SEO strategy can get wrong. Also, never expect too early for the results. It takes time to get the results with SEO. With continuous and dedicated efforts, you can get better rankings.


Becoming an SEO expert is a bit difficult but not impossible. The right guidance, strategies, and techniques can help you to get that. If you are an SEO professional, keep practicing and learning more about the new techniques and new changes in SEO. You will definitely become a pro with your dedication and efforts. Get any help from SEO Expert for any SEO related queries.